Bitcoin, Binance Coin, Ethereum, Shiba Inu Daily Price Analysis – Morning Forecast for December 13

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World market capitalization posted a 0.64% loss in the last 24 hours. Hard times for Bitcoin continue, losses of 0.40%. The misfortunes of Ethereum and Binance Coin have not come to an end, losing 0.40% and 2.65%, respectively. Shiba Inu makes significant gains, adding 1.18% in turbulent times.

The miserable days for the global crypto market are not over yet. There were predictions of tough times ahead, which were tested in December, causing the grassroots crypto market to suffer. There has been no difference in the losses suffered by the currencies considering their strength. These losses range from giants like Bitcoin and Ethereum to Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and other non-famous names.

The increase in the value of the capital invested in NFTS has exceeded $ 200 million, an important support for the crypto industry during turbulent times. It seems like a smaller amount for the gigantic industry, but it will help to reinvigorate investor confidence in the market. The previous days clearly show that the deterioration of the situation has also affected investor confidence.

The drafting process of the encryption bill is still under development in India. A hearing in the parliamentary panel raised questions about the use of cryptography and the dark web for criminal purposes. Binance Singapore had plans for the crypto license, but changed its mind. He will end his services there on February 13, 2022. He had applied for but has withdrawn it for unknown reasons.

BTC is still on the roller coaster, witnesses ups and downs

Although there are doubts about the price of bitcoin in the coming days, there is a positive evolution. Your total coins mined has reached 90% of the available amount.

It means that fears of a collapse, further liquidation and government regulations have not intimidated investors. They know that Bitcoin will continue to dominate the cryptocurrency market for a long time without facing any significant rivalry. This idea has not led to its liquidation at the level observed in the case of other currencies. Currently, the price and confidence of bitcoin are at the level where you have no fear. The future cannot be accurately predicted, but bitcoin is showing positive signs for times to come.

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The current price of bitcoin is recorded to be in the range of $ 48,818, which has been stable for the past 24 hours. The change in bitcoin price is estimated to be 0.40%, which is less compared to other currencies. Its weekly performance is on the positive side of the trajectory and has shown an improvement of 2.88%.

Its registered trading volume during the last 24 hours is approximately $ 23,748,204,211. At the same time, its market capitalization is estimated at $ 922,597,905,830. The stability in its value shows the growing confidence of investors and the resulting capital investment.

ETH and BNB are still not sure if they can be revitalized

The rise of the Ethereum and Binance coin still appears to be far away due to the recession in their values. Both were expected to rise before bitcoin as happened previously, but still, they remain at the lows. There is hope that they can climb because they have slowed the journey up the steep side.

The current price of Ethereum is in the range of $ 4,011.55, while it has seen a decrease of 0.40% in the last 24 hours. It is much better compared to the previous days and is expected to turn into an uptrend. The seven-day development for Ethereum is positive, amounting to 1.17%, which is encouraging in the current situation.

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The current market capitalization for this coin is approximately $ 476,253,686,682. Its registered trading volume during the last twenty-four hours was $ 15,665,988,936. This amount can be converted to 3,905,216 ETH.

The performance that the Binance coin has shown over the past few days has been satisfactory and is showing signs of improvement. Its current price is estimated at $ 550.18. It has witnessed a 2.65% sell-off in the last 24 hours, while it has added 1.35% in the last seven days.

Its current market capitalization is estimated at $ 91,770,512,469. Its trading volume during the last 24 hours remained at $ 1,435,983,604. This amount in Binance Coins is 2,610,029 BNB.

Bitcoin, Binance Coin, Ethereum, Shiba Inu Daily Price Analysis - Prediction 3 AM on Dec 13Source: TradingView

SHIBA INU bullish after long turmoil

Shiba Inu has been among the hardest hit during the latest recessive hit. It is currently ranked 13th on the list and is currently priced in the range of $ 0.00003477. It has shown a growth of 1.81% in the last 24 hours, while the seven-day growth for this coin is estimated at 3.88%.

Bitcoin, Binance Coin, Ethereum, Shiba Inu Daily Price Analysis - Prediction 4 AM on December 13Source: TradingView

Its current market capitalization is estimated at $ 19,116,224,849. While the volume of operations during the last 24 hours was $ 1,626,437,534. This amount in SHIB is 46,714,671,361,702. Recent developments show that you can add more profit to your bag and improve your position.

Final thoughts

The recession in the value of the global market capitalization is a consequence of the recovery of the market that has suffered blows in recent days. It was a turbulent time for all the major currencies, and they struggled to stay in the market. This situation had the possibility of landing the lead currency, that is, bitcoin, in a free fall shock situation, but fortunately, it stabilized its speed.

Recent improvements show that the market will try to stabilize and stabilize the situation. As soon as investor interest recovers, the market will see its boom. One of the main reasons the market is consistently recessive is the global changes taking place at the legislative and political level. There is hope that the situation will improve soon.

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Bitcoin, Binance Coin, Ethereum, Shiba Inu Daily Price Analysis – Morning Forecast for December 13

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