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Today, Tuesday, June 29, 2021, we review the last of three cryptocurrencies that take our attention today. And it is that what we can observe are increases and more recovery increases by Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance Coin. What has caused these losses of interest? Let’s see what happens to the dollar, the benchmark of the three cryptocurrencies in our little analysis today. It should be added that the dollar will be subject today to the consumer confidence data from The Conference Board, from 4:00 p.m.

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Bitcoin bounces eagerly

The time has come for the rebound for Bitcoin, which in recent days was pressured in declines. At the moment we can see its trajectory from about 24 hours ago until now, which we can summarize in a 4.05% increase. As such, we currently pay $ 35,618.92 for the BTC, while 24 ago its price was still at $ 34073.09. This has been helped by the maximum points, such as the minimum of 14:04 in the afternoon yesterday with a value of 33,953.58 dollars, or the maximum of 12:59 in the afternoon today of 35,656.88 dollars. The increases that we are dealing with translate into an upward jump of 12.34% on a weekly basis.

BTCUSD change chart in a 24-hour period

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More than 15% increases for Ethereum

We see how in the market, crypto such as Ethereum are lost in increases of more than 15% compared to their average … Specifically, it is about increases of 15.82% on a weekly basis, and of 9.75% on a weekly basis. one-day stopover. We can perceive it with the naked eye, starting with its value of 24 hours ago, that is; about $ 1991.24 for ETH, relative to Ethereum’s current value; 2180.52 USD. What were the maximums that could be seen along the way? In the first place, we talk about the minimum of 1:24 p.m. yesterday, with a value of neither more nor less than $ 1987.51. This was followed by the high of 1:14 PM today at $ 2,184.67. What can we expect from the ETHUSD combination for the next few hours?

ETHUSD change chart in a 24-hour time frame

ETHUSD change chart in a 24-hour time frame

Brilliant futuro for Binance Coin

Attentive to what happens; Binance Coin excels at what happens in the general market. The rises also invade the prices of Binance Coin, with its increases of 7.12% on a one-day scale, leaving the price of BNB at $ 306.92. Regarding the points of interest of the last hours, we will treat the time of 2:04 p.m. yesterday with a value of $ 284.34, the minimum price, which we compare with the maximum of 13:34 in the afternoon today, at $ 308.34 for Binance Coin. But what do those highs look like compared to the price of 24 hours ago? We find quotes like $ 306.92 per BNB. Let us also take into account the increases of one week, which are summarized in increases of 19.53%.

BNBUSD change chart in a 24-hour time frame

BNBUSD change chart in a 24-hour time frame


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Bright future for Binance Coin (BNB)! More than 15% rise for Ethereum (ETH) … Bitcoin (BTC) bounces eagerly | FXMAG

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