Bitcoin Cash is more adopted in Venezuela by merchants than Bitcoin

According to a comparison between the maps for places that accept Bitcoin and its derivative Bitcoin Cash in Venezuela, the stores and businesses that officially show their adoption of cryptocurrencies seem to be leaning more towards the fork of the original Nakamoto protocol.

360 Places That Accept Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Shows Site Data where merchants can affiliate to indicate their support for payment with Roger Ver’s cryptocurrency; as opposed to the original vision of Bitcoin (BTC) which is accepted in 323 places across the country, according to Coinmap Y Opendatasoft.

The graphs also show that in the capital of the South American nation, Bitcoin Cash is welcomed by more places that accept BTC throughout the country, with 334 affiliated merchants.

The growing demand for cryptocurrencies in the country goes through an inflationary policy that has generated the purchasing loss of the common Venezuelan who now seeks to protect himself in cryptocurrencies to overcome personal finance problems.

Although adoption has been gaining ground within the community, businesses have now become more aware of its application to try to solve the exchange rate differences to which they are subject due to the distortion of the economy.

In addition, the boom in the number of shops that are adopting Bitcoin Cash is also due to the need to obtain fast and low-cost micropayments that streamline the normal buying and selling process in shops, something that with Bitcoin is more difficult due to the fact that slow transaction and high fee costs associated with current payments.

However, judging by the volumes of Bitcoin on the P2P trading platform Localbitcoins, Venezuela continues to adopt the original cryptocurrency as the main reference in its activities to guard against inflation.

It is enough to observe in the exchange the diverse amount of offers in Venezuelan territory that go from surcharging balances for mobile telephone services to the sale of real estate, all payable with Bitcoin mainly.

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The Bitcoin Cash community is one of the busiest in the Latin American nation, from the launch of its EatBCH campaign in the midst of the food crisis to purchase food for vulnerable people in critical nutrition situations, to the latest initiative in the country known as Bitcoin Cash House, a physical facility in western Venezuela that is funded and sponsored by and, provider of automated currency swaps.

The objective of these projects according to Matt Aaron manager of, has been gaining the trust of people in adopting cryptocurrencies, as he pointed out last Friday on his Reddit account.

The case of Bitcoin Cash in Venezuela received a new boost last month when George Donnelly, who was instrumental in the adoption of the cryptocurrency Dash throughout Latin America, joined the cause.

Due to Dash’s policy change in the Latin American region to formalize its exit in the region, Donnelly has set out to fill the void left by the privacy-focused cryptocurrency by adopting BCH.

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Bitcoin Cash is more adopted in Venezuela by merchants than Bitcoin

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