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The CEO of OKCoin ensures that the measure aims to protect new investors interested in Bitcoin, and thus prevent them from falling victim to the disinformation war led by Craig Wright.


Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange that operates internationally, OKCoin, announced that it will no longer support commercial operations with Bitcoin Cash y Bitcoin SV.

OKCoin will no longer support Bitcoin Cash ni a Bitcoin SV

This was indicated by the directors of OKCoin in a post published through their official blog, in which they point out that users have until March 1 of this year to extract their funds BCH Y BSV del exchange.

In relation to this measure, the CEO of OKCoin, Hong Fang said in the statement that this decision proved quite difficult for the exchange’s team, and they are mainly based on the need to protect new investors interested in Bitcoin faced with the doubts and misinformation generated by some of the representative figures of the aforementioned projects.

In this regard, Fang noted:

“So here we are, with our decision to remove BSV and BCH from trading on our platform in an effort to firmly uphold the shared spirit of the open source community, support the Bitcoin ecosystem, and protect new investors… To be clear We are not against alternate versions in general, and we see the value that some of these networks are creating. We are not against the communities that believe in the usefulness of these tokens ”.

Craig Wright and the war for him White Paper from Bitcoin

In relation to the existing conflicts within the ecosystems of Bitcoin Cash y Bitcoin SV, Fang referred to the recent actions taken by Craig Wright, the Australian programmer who claims to be the person behind the alias of Satoshi Nakamoto, who tried to register the copyright on the White Paper of Bitcoin in an attack on the digital currency ecosystem

In relation to this aspect, Fang writes:

“We are simply having a hard time ignoring the malicious disinformation war waged by Craig Wright and other high-profile members of these communities; we also cannot give investors access to BSV or BCH while realizing that some may feel misled or confused by the brand ambiguity between these assets and Bitcoin. “

Teams Bitcoin Cash y Bitcoin SV have been in constant dispute over the last few months mainly due to the claims of Wrigth, who has lobbied in court to prove himself responsible for the creation of Bitcoin, constantly threatening his most staunch detractors with possible libel lawsuits.

Although Wright tried to register the rights to the White Paper de Bitcoin, the community rejected this act and called the Australian developer a fraud, as it still does not offer concrete evidence to prove its allegations.

Bitcoin exceeds USD $ 55,000 per unit

In turn, this announcement comes at a very special time for the main digital currency, since Bitcoin (BTC) surpassed the barrier of USD $ 55,000 per unit on February 19, so its global capitalization market exceeded USD $ 1,000,000 million.

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OKCoin will withdraw support for trading operations with Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV on its platform – DiarioBitcoin

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