Belo integrates with OpenNode for cheap and instant Bitcoin transactions

This alliance allows everyone who uses the Belo wallet to carry out bitcoin transactions on the Lightning Network.

Belo, the Argentine app to move in Argentine pesos and crypto, announces its integration with OpenNode. Thanks to this alliance, everyone who uses Belo can perform instant transactions of Bitcoin on the Lightning Network directly from your wallet, with low rates. Belo is one of the first wallets in Latam to use this technology.

OpenNode’s mission is to spread Bitcoin adoption around the world, empower and connect the world with Bitcoin, and build the best payments infrastructure. For this integration with Belo, the OpenNode Bitcoin API is used to process transactions.

Our alliance with Belo is exciting because we can empower millions of people in Latin America with the Bitcoin wallet with Lightning Network capabilities. Latin America is experiencing great growth in Bitcoin adoption and this marks another milestone for the growth of the Lightning Network. “, says Julie Landrum, in charge of Growth to OpenNode.

Belo is an app that allows you to enter and withdraw Argentine pesos from a bank account, with the possibility of exchanging them, without commissions, for Bitcoin, ether, or stable cryptocurrencies linked to the value of the dollar. It also allows you to deposit or withdraw any of the cryptocurrencies offered in the app from and to other crypto wallets. It is available for Android and iOS.

“This partnership with OpenNode is very important to everyone who uses Belo. It is one more possibility to access better financial services taking advantage of existing technology“, says Manuel Beaudroit, CEO of Belo.

“Our goal is for them to know and experience the potential and benefit of cryptocurrencies for everyday life, on a day-to-day basis, and in a simple way. In Belo, with just 1 peso it is possible to deposit money and buy crypto, in a very accessible for anyone, from 13 years of age, regardless of their purchasing power “, adds the CEO.

“We at OpenNode are proud to work with Belo to spread the adoption of the Bitcoin Lightning Network. As we continue to push Bitcoin payments for more and more businesses in Latin America, we expect to see more consumers use wallets like Belo to send Bitcoin payments via Lightning Network“, agrega Julie Landrum.


The platform Belo cryptocurrencies announced that it will launch a prepaid card Mastercard exclusively for its users, which will have no cost, neither emission nor maintenance.

In this first stage, from Belo, those interested in having theirs were invited to pre-register.

Thus, those who wish to request the Mastercard shall update the app, which is available for mobile devices iOS and Android.

In addition, sharing the user link of reference to contacts and acquaintances climbs positions to use it before anyone else.

Manuel Beaudroit, CEO of Belo

Card features

From Belo they emphasize that the card will be available from January to the first users who signed up on the waiting list and then the broadcast will be expanded. It will also have the following characteristics:

  • It has no cost
  • No issuance fees
  • Nor does it generate maintenance costs.

“Soon you will be able to pay in all the merchants in the world that accept Mastercard using your cryptos”, they anticipated from Belo.

In dialogue with iProUP, Manuel Beaudroit, CEO of the company, explains that the decision to move forward with this type of product “It’s something we had on the radar for a long time”.

“It was just a matter of time. Our goal is to provide a good value proposition for our users. It is a fairly large project and we want to start small. The competition sets the bar high for the functions that are already in it. market”, details.

In this regard, the cryptocurrency specialist details that the purpose of this card is transform into a product that can be used everyday for platform users.

“The user will be able to define a payment profile and how they will want to spend the balance they have. In this way, if for example they want to use their stable currencies and not Bitcoin or ETH, a balance will be formed that the person will be able to spend. The process it is very simple and intuitive, without any pass of anything: what is there is what you can use. Simple, like Belo “, ends.

How to trade from $ 1

In a country where the local currency has the specter of devaluation circling like the sword of Damocles and the low dollar reserves in the Central Bank generate measures such as “the stocks to the stocks”-, those who have the possibility to save in pesos look for tools in the market to escape the high local risk.

Some – the few who can – appeal to the purchase of u $ s200 per month to the official listing, while the rest inquire into the alternatives offered by the investment world to protect themselves.

In this context, it is that cryptocurrencies do not stop adding users in Argentina, where it is estimated that there are about 2 million accounts that operate with these digital assets, of which Bitcoin (BTC) is the most famous.

The Belo app, available for all those over 13 years old who have an Argentine document allows to operate from $ 1, and although with that amount logically the fraction of cryptocurrencies that can be purchased is very low, it is an example that from the platform they seek that “users can access and protect their money from the smallest balance”.

“After 7 months of very intense work and a successful investment round, we were able to make the Belo app a reality in which we seek to verify that a simple and intuitive product can work. And we received a tremendous response from users”, reveals the CEO of the platform, who adds that one of its objectives is for users to see it as a “little pig” in which they can allocate the excess weights on a day-to-day basis “.

And although we are a small team made up of eleven people, we found a neglected niche such as that of minors and that generated a lot of parents interested in the issue of decentralized finance, “adds Beaudroit.

“We try to optimize prices to the maximum. We are 100% electronic in our operation and with our own working capital we try to provide the best possible service within a very competitive ecosystem”, concludes the cryptocurrency expert.

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Belo integrates with OpenNode for cheap and instant Bitcoin transactions

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