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The rural area an hour and a half from the capital of Ecuador, Quito, Valencia, decided to use Bitcoin as a payment method for local businesses to try to reactivate the local economy, with the help of entrepreneur Mauricio Rubio.

The adoption of Bitcoin (BTC) as legal tender in El Salvador continues to generate a trend in Latin America, due to the relevance that the country obtained, thanks to the cryptocurrency. Now, the municipality of Valencia, in Quito, Ecuador, seems to follow the same strategy.

The community of Valencia, a rural area located an hour and a half from the capital of Ecuador, decided to follow suit from Bitcoin Beach de El Salvador, a project that started in tribute to the 22-year-old Salvadoran surfer Katherine Díaz, who on March 19 suffered a fatal accident in the town of El Tunco.

Around 40 families began to independently implement Bitcoin as a payment method to reactivate the local economy of the municipality, promoted by local entrepreneur Mauricio Rubio, who took charge of the organization and educated the population to use the Lighthing Network.

Entrepreneur Mauricio Rubio refers to the following:

“An agroecological peasant community, where everything they sow they sow without any type of chemicals, they try to defend self-sustainability, reforestation and live at 3,000 meters above sea level. A woman asked me one day why doesn’t she come and explain what this bitcoin is about? “

The adoption of Bitcoin in the community of Valencia, Quito, began through Mauricio Rubio’s podcast, where he explained his hobby about BTC and cryptocurrencies and a woman openly asked him for an opportunity to go to the rural area and give them a talk about cryptocurrencies.

This is how the entrepreneur explained it to Iproup:

“I went to the community, and it is an organized community and they have savings. So, I proposed that we do this saving in bitcoin. I was surprised by the immediate openness of the community and we started with their first wallet and started saving in bitcoin. This was when Bitcoin was worth $ 30,000. “

Ecuador has shown curiosity about technology blockchain for months, and even cryptocurrency entrepreneur Brock Pierce held a high-level meeting with Ecuadorian officials, although it is unknown if President Guillermo Lasso is among those invited.

Since the end of August, the businessman has held sporadic high-level meetings with Latin American officialsHe even had a talk with the president of Honduras, Juan Orlando Herdández, where they talked about Bitcoin and the then Bitcoin Law in El Salvador, when it had not yet entered into force.


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Ecuador’s community bets on BTC following the example of El Salvador’s Bitcoin Beach – BeInCrypto

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