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El Salvador, Venezuela and Argentina dominated searches in Google’s search engine this year, on Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance, which even positioned them on a par with countries where cryptocurrencies had been accepted for years.

The technology blockchain was well received by Latin America in 2021, according to Google Trends, which Ethereum, Binance, metaverso, Non-fungible tokens (NFT) and especially Bitcoin (BTC) were the most searched words in the region.

The latest data from Google Trends reveals that these terms were the most searched for and even set a trend in countries El Salvador, Spain, Venezuela and Argentina, I feel Bitcoin the one that monopolized 70% of the searches in the search engine in Latin America throughout the year.

Fountain: Google Trends

Meanwhile, worldwide, Ethereum, Binance, metaverso and NFT ocuparon 77% of searches and trends in the Google search engine, that is, Latin America is on par with the world in terms of interest in the various products of the ecosystem blockchain.

The demand for searches on cryptocurrencies is such that, in early December, Google emphasized that one million machines worldwide that contain the Windows operating system were infected with Gupteba. TOother than mining BTC without the consent of the owner, the botnet was used to steal and sell Google account login information and sell access to those devices. With this, criminals could use third-party equipment without your consent to carry out their activities “without leaving a trace”.

Cryptocurrencies set trends in 2021

Google Trends data expose that after Bitcoin, the most searched terms were Ethereum, NFT, metaverse and Binance, with 7, 17, 9 and 4%, respectively. Meanwhile, the country that led the searches for BTC was El Salvador, as of August 2021, a month before the Bitcoin Law came into force.

While, Argentina, Spain and Venezuela are the Spanish-speaking nations where the term Ethereum was searched the most (ETH) on Google, although none of those countries ranks first globally for ETH search. Instead, Binance was very popular in Venezuela, the second nation (after the United States) that most searched for information related to that. exchange.

The popularity of cryptocurrencies is such that this year, the RAE updated its iconic Dictionary of the Spanish Language 2021, in which it made around 3,836 modifications, both word additions, articles, meanings, amendments, focused on language and technology as well as “Bitcoin” and “Cryptocurrency”.

The RAE explains that for this new edition its director participated, Paz Battaner and the president of the Association of Academies of the Spanish Language (ASALE), Santiago Muñoz Machado. It included other terms such as “bot”, “cyberbullying”, “cybercrime”, “geolocate” or “webinar”.


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El Salvador, Spain, Venezuela are the Hispanic countries that most Google Bitcoin – BeInCrypto

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