Price analysis of the Bitcoin, Ethereum and Near protocol

Bitcoin price ended its daily candle + $ 360 on Sunday and had a $ 50k inflection point for the fourth consecutive daily close.

The BTC / USD 4HR chart below MMBTtrader shows that Bitcoin is holding at the 0.382 fib level [$49,500].

Bullish BTC traders are looking above the 0.236 fib level [$50,462] To break up and leave behind again A secondary target of bulls is the 0 fib or [$52k] level.

Upcoming Bitcoin Targets

The fear and greed index is 40 fear and +3 from yesterday’s reading of 37 Fear.

The fear and greed index is in the “fear” zone

BTC’s 24-hour price range is $ 49,687- $ 51,158 and its 7-day price range is $ 45,723- $ 51,792. Bitcoin’s 52-week price range is $ 25,923- $ 69,044.

The price of bitcoin on this date last year was $ 26,423.

The average price of BTC for the last 30 days is $ 50,687.

Bitcoin [+0.71%] closed your daily candle for value $ 50,797 and in green figures for 3 of the last four days.

Ethereum analysis

Ether Price candle closed on sundays – $ 31,52.

The ETH / USD 4HR chart below Arash_yakooza below shows the main targets for the Ether bulls. ETH bulls target 1.618 fiber level prime [$4,225.28], a secondary objective of the 2 [$4,556.92], and a third goal of 2,618 fib [$5,093].

If Ether bullish traders send ETH price above $ 5k and test the 2,618 fib level, Ether bulls will first have to break the asset’s current all-time high of $ 4,878.

Ether price targets

In contrast, bearish Ether traders hope to contain the bulls and keep the ETH price below the 1,618 fib level. If the bears manage to do so, in time, they will try to send ETH price back to the 1 fib level. [$3,668.75]. Below the 1 fib level, a secondary target for bearish ETH traders is 0.618 [$3,357.11].

ETH’s 24-hour price range is $ 4,019- $ 4,139, and its 7-day price range is $ 3,776- $ 4,157. The 52-week Ether price range is $ 636.37 to $ 4,878.

The ETH price on this date in 2020 was $ 689.66.

The average price of ETH for the last 30 days is $ 4,131.

Ether [-0.77%] closed its daily candle on Sunday, worth $ 4,061.17.

Close protocol analysis

Close to the price of Protocol It is + 1.427% against the US Dollar for the last 12 months, + 682% against BTC, and + 141.1% against ETH during the same duration, as of this writing.

Close-bullish Protocol traders continued their momentum Sunday for the sixth consecutive daily close in green.

The NEAR / USDT 1HR chart below behzadjl shows the overall targets after NEAR price bounced off the ‘Buyback Zone’.

Targets for bullish NEAR traders in the short term are 0.382 [$16.47], the level of 0.5 fib [$17.39], and the 0.618 fib [$18.32].

All of the late momentum has belonged to the bulls so bearish NEAR traders should send NEAR price back below 0.236 fib. [$15.33] and attempting to push NEAR price lower before an even bigger push occurs from the bulls.

Close protocol analysisNear price targets

Near Protocol’s 24-hour price range is $ 14.57- $ 15.93, and its 7-day price range is $ 8.35- $ 15.93. NEAR’s 52-week price range is $ .99- $ 15.93.

The Near Protocol price on this date last year was $ 1.20.

NEAR’s average price over the last 30 days is $ 9.7.

Close protocol [+7.18%] closed his daily candle on Sunday worth $ 16.27.

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Price analysis of the Bitcoin, Ethereum and Near protocol

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