Trump against Bitcoin: “It could explode one day like we have never seen; it is dangerous”

Donald Trump shot bitcoin

Former US President Donald Trump said cryptocurrencies are “a very dangerous thing.”

When speaking about cryptocurrencies, he warned of “an explosion one day” that “will make the big tech explosion look like baby stuff.” He also spoke about his new social media platform, Truth Social, and his wife’s non-fungible token company (NFT).

Donald Trump commented on the cryptocurrency and blockchain market in an interview with Maria Bartiromo, published by Fox Business. “What do you think about cryptocurrencies?” Trump was asked. Bartiromo noted that “New York and Miami are really introducing cryptocurrencies into their financial systems.”

According Lucas Solina Moretti, Entrepreneur and CEO of Nuska, “I think it is because cryptocurrencies seek decentralization and states promote centralization and benefit from having control over the currencies used by the population.”

The former president of the United States reiterated his stance against cryptocurrencies, stating: “I never loved it because I like to have the dollar. I think the currency should be the dollar, so I was never a big fan. But it is spilling more and more and nobody is doing anything about it “, adding:” Look, I want a currency called the dollar. ” He also said, “I don’t want to have all these others, and that could explode one day, like we’ve never seen. It will make the big tech explosion look like baby stuff. I think it is something very dangerous ”.

Trump has never been a fan of cryptocurrencies, and has spoken out against them on other occasions. In August, he commented that cryptocurrencies were “a disaster that is going to happen.” In June, he referred to Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency, as “a scam that needs strict regulation.”

Melania Trump
Melania Trump

Christian Meniw, president of the Space Kids Foundation, told Infobae: “Governments are concerned because it is a great truth that cryptocurrencies and blockchain violate the sense of having central banks and put the role of the states in check for that reason, at the end of this decade the question to answer will be, What will it be the role of nation states and central banks, when they no longer have control over the economy? “

Trump was also asked about the former first lady’s non-fungible token (NFT) effort. Melania Trump announced last week that she is selling an NFT, titled “Melania’s Vision,” on her newly launched NFT platform, which she plans to launch NFT regularly. “I am proud to announce my newest NFT endeavor, which embodies my passion for the arts, and will support my continued commitment to children through my Be Best initiative,” he said in a statement.

An NFT is a type of digital cryptoasset that is based on a smart contract. These NFTs represent something unique, be it a photo, a video, a sound, and so on. And thanks to the smart contract, it is possible to know mainly if it is original and, secondly, to whom it really belongs, in this way, they cannot be stolen or falsified in any way. That means the former first lady will launch a work of art based on herself, 100 percent digitally.

Commenting on his wife’s NFT plans, Trump said: “She will do very well… She has a great imagination. And people love our former first lady, I can assure you. They really do, they love her. “

Regarding his social media platform Truth Social, he emphasized: “It’s going to be so big.” Trump previously explained that the new platform will be an alternative to Silicon Valley internet companies that he says are biased against him and other conservative voices. Trump plans to launch Truth Social nationally early next year. In addition, the former president of the United States was asked how he is going to compete with large technology companies such as Twitter and Google. “We have no other choice,” he replied.


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Trump against Bitcoin: “It could explode one day like we have never seen; it is dangerous”

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