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Then the team of Cadalabs offers more details on the launch of its metaverso, Cadalabs Metaverse, which will have digital land and NFT’s available for those interested.

Since its inception in the network of Carding, the protocol Cadalabs has been progressively advancing to meet the originally established goals, currently counting on a team of highly specialized and trained developers who are always interested in the growth of the project ecosystem.

As such, Cadalabs is proud to announce the public release of Cada Infinity, what is the first metaverso In the net Blockchain from Cardano. This great milestone was achieved by the team of developers behind the project, so this ecosystem will be compatible with the game system of Cadalabs, the virtual lands of Cadalabs, the real estate sector, etc.

Cadalabs Metaverse Features

As to Cadalabs Metaverse, this ecosystem will have the following characteristics:

  1. Interoperability: This will allow anyone to create smart contracts and implement them on our network Metaverse. These will be supported through the support provided for Solidity, as well as for anything that compiles into the bytecode of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).
  1. Scalability: The system Cadalabs Metaverse will use the modular framework Substrate for greater scalability, ensuring its long-term expansion, with support to connect decentralized applications and services, while allowing other networks Blockchain Independent connect, exchange information and carry out transactions at a lower cost.
  1. Virtual Life: Cadalabs Metaverse It will also incorporate other aspects of online life such as shopping, acquisition of virtual lands, video games and social networks.

About Cadalabs

Cadalabs is a platform NFT DeFi driven by the community, creating a NFT Minting Dapp In the net Cardano to allow digital art collectors to mint their works as digital collectibles and reach sellers to trade seamlessly in the future.

The team also launched its utility token CALA, that allows the community to participate in aspects associated with governance, with which they can also moderate creators, vote for proposals, staking to win and select outstanding works of art.

The protocol Justice seeks to further delve into the non-fungible token industry and, in the process, help digital content creators, artists, and art collectors come together on one platform.

The first builders of the virtual lands of Cadalabs They are investing in digital terrains in virtual worlds to showcase their work and build dedicated communities around them.

Cadalabs put 2000 plots up for sale

Cadalabs’ metaverse implies that, in addition to being able to build and landscaping your parcel of land in virtual reality, it also grants you other properties, including governance rights and the ability to commercialize your land. Additionally, owners will receive a portion of ALL income generated by Cadalabs Marketplace. This is part of the initiative “Play to Earn”, With which the owners of these digital spaces have an interactive role in this ecosystem.

Cadalabs allocated 2000 virtual land parcels to be sold to the first 300 buyers THERE IS for each one. All virtual land owners will be able to claim, mint their items and receive their NFT in their wallets. Cadalabs Virtual it also comes with many more bonus items to use within the metaverse.

The third phase of the token sale CALA is still ongoing, so interested investors still have the opportunity to acquire its assets.

More information

If you want more information about Cadalabs, the project and the token CALA, We invite you to visit the official channels of the project:

Press release

Disclaimer: This is a press release with informative content prepared by the team of Cadalabs. Daily bitcoin does not endorse or promote the purchase of the token or the products or services indicated in this article.

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Cadalabs launches the first metaverse about Cardano with virtual lands and tokens available for sale – DiarioBitcoin

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