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Cardano (ADA) officially announced that, for September 12 will be the official launch of the mainnet of hard fork Alonzo, although there is some controversy with the exact date.

Through a video posted on YouTube, became known the date expected by Cardano fans: September 12 will be the official launch of the mainnet of hard fork Alonzo.

This update will allow users to run smart contracts (smart contracts, in Spanish) in the blockchain of the network:

JOIN US: The ‘Alonzo’ update will bring smart contracts to Cardano through a hard fork combinator (HFC) event.

Learn more about the journey into a new era of smart contracts, DeFi, and more for Cardano.

And when we plan to implement … “

Intense work by the Cardano team

The information was supplied by Nigel Hemsley, Cardano’s head of delivery, who noted that engineering teams and project test teams are working hard as they fast-forward to the event hard fork combinator.

In parallel, numerous partners are working on their decentralized applications written in the Plutus programming language.

During the YouTube live, Hemsley noted that Cardano will end up with about 500 community members working on the network at the end of the “Purple” phase.

The Cardano development team also noted that, by August 16, IOHK will have its final version candidate for mainnet for the Plutus Core node.

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In this sense, it is anticipated that the testnet Cardano run the fork On September 1, which will allow the team to evaluate the evaluation of the process. According to Hemsley:

“As we get closer to this fork, we will deliver the Plutus capability, a complete toolbox of smart contract capability, and then we will start it from there. It gives us the foundation to build on Cardano […] We will have more and more DApps and other innovations a little later. ”

However, there is still some uncertainty. This is because, the official presentation indicates that the launch will be on “Monday, September 12” but, the Monday in question corresponds to September 13. Will it be Sunday or Monday ?, so there is still a bit of uncertainty.

Cardano price evolution

The Cardano community had eagerly awaited the announcement of this historic date. Such an expectation made the ADA token surpass $ 2 earlier today.

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At the time of publication, the price of ADA remains stable, trading at $ 1.99, which represents an increase of 15.8% in the last 24 hours, according to data of CoinGecko.


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Cardano (ADA) announces smart contract activation date – BeInCrypto

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