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Coinbase Pro announced that trading with Cardano’s ADA will be available starting Thursday, March 18. Cryptocurrency price increases. ***

Coinbase, the most reputable exchange operating company, announced the incorporation of the token native of Cardano, ADA, to your trading platform Coinbase Pro. The platform reported the news to its users through its Twitter account, along with a statement.

Starting today, ADA inbound transfers are available in trade-supported regions.

According to the information, operations with the cryptocurrency of Cardano will be available from dthe Thursday March 18,if the liquidity conditions are met“. At the moment, the merchants of Coinbase Pro they cannot place orders, and neither will currency trading orders be executed.

While ADA transfers are already enabled for all those the jurisdictions supported by Coinbase, operations will start effectively once the platform has sufficient liquidity. The order books for the ADA-USD, ADA-BTC, ADA-EUR and ADA-GBP pairs will be launched in three phases. Starting with only post, then only limit and finally complete negotiation.

Additionally, the platform urged its users to consider that initially Coinbase Pro will only allow withdrawals to addresses of Shelley (addresses starting with addr1). Although he stressed that in a near future full support will be enabled for all Cardano addresses (Byron Y Shelley).

Coinbase Pro is adding Cardano (ADA) support

Founded by Charles Hoskinson, former developer of Ethereum, Cardano (THERE IS) is a platform Blockchain built on a PoS proof-of-stake consensus protocol, called Ouroboros. This third-generation network is capable of validating transactions without the need for high energy costs.

The rumors of ADA integration to the trading platform Coinbase Pro, they had at least a couple of years circulating. In 2018, we reported that the exchange company was in the process of evaluating about 30 cryptocurrencies to add support to the platform, including, Cardano.

One of the most common requests we receive from clients is to be able to trade more assets on our platform. According to the terms of our quote process , we anticipate backing more assets that meet our standards over time“; wrote Coinbase in today’s statement.

It is possible that this year, as a result of the growing interest generated by the project Blockchain, driven in large part due to the multiple updates they are undergoing, Coinbase have looked back at this cryptocurrency.

Cardano gains popularity

After its last update ‘Mary‘, Cardano became a multi-asset network, opening the possibility for its users to create tokens, including NFT (non-fungible tokens). It is expected that in the coming months Cardano go ahead in your updates, opening the opportunity to create and execute smart contracts on said network.

The growing popularity of ADA can be seen in the progressive rise that the coin has registered in recent months. Opening the year at USD $ 0.18, the price of the cryptocurrency increased more than 600% to position itself in February as the third with the largest market capitalization, behind Bitcoin Y Ethereum.


ADA price already seems to show bullish signs following the listing announcement of Coinbase Pro. At the time of writing, the cryptocurrency registers an increase of 15%, with a price of USD $ 1.2 per unit.

As a result of the announcement of Coinbase, about 5 million traders now they will have direct access to trade the native currency of the network Cardano. The news comes just one day after Bloomberg Terminal will add ADA to its platform.

Both initiatives could give an important boost to the cryptocurrency in the coming days, since it enables access to the trading of the asset to thousands of professional investors.

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Cardano (ADA) arrives this week on the Coinbase Pro platform – DiarioBitcoin

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