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IOHK announced a partnership with World Mobile Group in an initiative to bring sustainable Internet to Tanzania. On the other hand, rising metrics such as the number of active ADA addresses indicate a growing interest in Cardano.


The technology development company behind Cardano, Input Output (IOG / IOHK), continues to expand its projects in Africa.

IOG announced this Thursday a new partnership with World Mobile Group as part of a takeaway initiative Sustainable Internet connectivity to Tanzanian users. The team announced the project during the virtual event “Cardano Africa Special“.

Nowadays, More than 700 million people in Africa – more than half of the population – have no Internet connection. The main reason is that lhe majority of mobile networks have not invested in the infrastructure to expand to the entire population. With this in mind, the new project of Cardano searchdemocratize access to digital, financial and social services in AfricaIncluding the internet.

IOG closes agreement with World Mobile

According to an official statement, the users of World Mobile will be able to take advantage of the blockchain of Cardano to create verifiable digital IDs, gaining access to services such as banking, health and education. This initiative will initially be deployed in Zanzibar and the metropolitan area of ​​Tanzania, in West Africa.

In alliance, the companies “aim to provide sustainable internet connectivity using renewable energy powered by solar energy“. For it, provide affordable network nodes, based on the infrastructure of Cardano, to local business owners. These network nodes act as local relays for Internet connectivity.

The CEO of IOHK and founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, applauded the agreement and stressed that it represented a part of the long-term commitment of your company to the African continent“. Hoskinson also commented that a lack of investment in infrastructure could work in favor of adoption. Blockchain for African countries.

That lack of deeply ingrained legacy infrastructure makes the transition to blockchain-based infrastructure a relatively low friction process, with the potential for developing countries to ‘jump’ into advanced industrialized economies by adopting next-generation infrastructure..

A “new world” for Africa

In the same line of ideas, the CEO of World Mobile Chain, Micky Watkins, compartió his belief that the “symbiotic association”From the network services company based on Blockchain con Input Output “will open a new world“. It should be noted that, cAs part of the deal, IOG now owns a 10% equity interest in World Mobile Group.

The announcement of the new agreement comes just days after IOG reported a partnership with the Ethiopian government. In that African nation, the agreement includes the deployment of the decentralized identity solution based on Cardano, Atala Prism, in a project to help schools in the country.

Similar to that agreement, subscribers to World Mobile They will also be able to access the decentralized identity solution Atala PRISM, which will allow them to use services such as digital banking, health and education.

Cardano: 400% increase in active addresses

The use case expansion news from Cardano are drawing attention to the project and its native ADA token.

In recent months, this cryptocurrency has seen an exponential price increase, a trend that also appears to be favoring other metrics such as active addresses and transaction log.

According to the cryptographic data intelligence platform Coinmetrics, Active ADA addresses have grown by 417.81% between January 1 and April 28, 2021, highlighting the growing interest in the asset. Consequently, the transaction count increased by 382.84% during the same period.

Cardano direcciones Coinmetrics
Data reflecting the increase in active Cardano addresses – Coinmetrics

This year, interest and adoption of ADA has increased as its price has experienced an increase of close to 650%. The sixth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization posted an all-time price high of $ 1.52 in mid-April.

While this meteoric price growth has been correlated with a bullish rally recorded across the digital currency market, technology development and announcements around the network Cardano they stand as the main catalysts for this growing trend. At the time of publishing, the ADA price is $ 1.3.

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Cardano deploys a project to bring the Internet to Africa, while active addresses grow 400% – DiarioBitcoin

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