Cardano’s ADA to be listed for the first time on a Japan exchange: Bitpoint

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Bitpoint announced the addition of Cardano to its list of cryptocurrencies, a great boost in a market as serious as the Japanese.


Cardano seems to be full of positive news in recent days. Something very good for his community of followers that is both active and loyal.

The new information is that the native crypto of Cardano, ADA, will be featured in Japan for the first time. According to the media UToday, For some enthusiasts, this is similar to the listing of Coinbase for the Japanese community.

The CTO and co-founder of dcSpark, Sebastien Guillemot, shared on Twitter a publication of the Japanese crypto exchange Bitpoint which announced that it plans to include the native token of Cardano that drives its ecosystem, THERE IS, the fifth largest digital currency.

Cardano was finally included in Japan’s list! $ ADA

Japan has extremely strict rules for cryptocurrency exchange listings.

Only a small number of tokens can be listed in Japan, and ADA is on that list now!

Guillemot emphasized that Japanese regulators have strict rules for listing cryptocurrencies on exchanges and only a small number of currencies are allowed to be listed in the country. In the comment thread, you compared this list to what it means for a coin to be listed in Coinbase, claiming that this event is on the same level for the Japanese crypto community.

It is worth noting that the Japanese could previously agree to buy Cardano but from foreign exchanges, not local ones.

According to reports from Cryptomarkets, the news has not yet had a positive impact on the prices of Cardano, which at this time, 7:45 am New York time, is 2% lower.

Cardano celebrating

There are many recent reasons for the community of Cardano famous. Yesterday, CEO Charles Hoskinson confirmed that smart contracts will come to Cardano after update Alonzo.

The update Alonzo It will be implemented in three phases and the last one is expected to take place in September of this year, although these times may be subject to change based on the degree of progress that the development teams have in this area.

Last week we also reported that Cardax, DeFi based on Cardano, raises USD $ 1.5 million and plans to launch in September 2021. There has been great enthusiasm for the development of an ecosystem DeFi over this network. Hoskinson has already commented that Cardano is talking to hundreds of DeFi platforms, and at least 100 companies currently working on Ethereum are “in the process” of transition to the blockchain of Cardano.

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Cardano’s ADA to be listed for the first time on a Japan exchange: Bitpoint

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