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A group of developers created the Cardano DeFi Alliance (CDA), an organization to leverage decentralized finance (DeFi) projects at Cardano (ADA).

Communication, education and innovation are the foundations that CDA intends to use to create a new dynamic and robust DeFi ecosystem on the Cardano network.

Currently, the initiative has nine participants, one of them is SundaeSwap, a project of exchange decentralized (DEX) that should soon reach the ADA token network, after receiving a million-dollar investment from IOHK.

The creator of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, set out to reveal CDA on his Twitter profile this Monday, December 27, commenting that “it would be good to go to the first meeting of the organization.”

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As stated in your official announcement, CDA membership is open to any project developed on the Cardano network that is related to the decentralized financial sector (DeFi).

“New and innovative DeFi projects are strongly encouraged to join CDA. No voice should go unnoticed and, in collaboration, all voices grow louder ”.

CDA objectives

The purpose of the Cardano DeFi Alliance (CDA) is provide collaboration between the main DeFi protocols that are under development at Cardano. For this, initiatives will be carried out both for the general public and for the members of the organization themselves.

For the public, the focus will be on create clear and transparent communications for the Cardano community, such as open source development libraries, documentation, and protocol support. Internally, the objective is to stimulate innovation in projects, which will contribute to each other by providing strategies and support:

“CDA offers a space of equal opportunities to share information, opinions, problems, solutions and knowledge. We believe that all opinions and discussions are valuable and deserve to be heard. The members are committed to participating in the CDA in a spirit of openness, collaboration and cooperative competitiveness ”.

The statement emphasizes that there should be no sense of internal dispute between projects, since the initiative cannot be used to “interrupt, interfere and / or create conflict in projects that could potentially compete”.

DeFi in Cardano: from theory to practice

CDA could be an important step in practically marking Cardano’s entry into the DeFi world. Theoretically, the network began to support DApps and projects aimed at this segment after the Alonzo update, implemented in September this year.

However, to date, no major network projects are operating on a large scale and available to users, although several are under development.

In presenting Cardano’s goals for 2022, Hoskinson stated that more than 120 projects are under development in his blockchain, and that up to 30 have a good chance of being officially released in the next three months.


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DeFi developers rally around Cardano (ADA) – BeInCrypto

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