Metaverse and Cardano’s “play to earn” game bet

The metaverso It is the news of the end of the year and the news about it comes out like hot cakes. In addition to companies, the universe of cryptocurrencies it is also looking towards the sector. As is the case of Cardano and the games “play to earn”, according Caio Prati Jobim in Cointelegraph.

Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardanohe stated in an interview on the podcast Thinking Crypto that the development of the metaverse is still in its early stages and the possibilities of experimenting with new relationships of time and space in a virtual environment are still unimaginable:

“The metaverses are really cool! They are real, not a gimmick. Basically, cryptocurrencies are needed to establish a model of trust in this two-way transition between the physical and digital world. I think that will be a reality in the next five or so. ten years, and it will be a new product category for cryptocurrencies. “

The scarcity concept What does the blockchain, go NFTs and the metaverse is an attractive combination.

Although this new universe is still in its infancy, for Hoskinson the 2025 It will be a great year for it with the new apple glasses and other sensory equipment. As well as the products and proposals that your competitors will bring like Facebook, the main driver of this technology.

Metaverse y Cardano

Although the technology is still in development, there are several proposals that are being developed within the Cardano blockchain. One of them is games “play to earn”.

The numerous micro transactions and low cost they put this blockchain in the forefront before Ethereum. In addition, the update was implemented two months ago Alonso that allows the inclusion of smart contracts. However, this blockchain must gain the maturity and reputation that the second most important blockchain on the market has achieved.

But developers are grateful for networks that minimize or resolve scalability necks.

“Play to earn” con Cardano

While we wait for the metaverse foundation to build, we can take advantage of some developing game opportunities on the Cardano blockchain.

Drunken Dragon

This game is divided into two parts:

  • Inn & Quests
  • Grandmaster Adventurers

The first consists of run a tavern that welcomes the adventurers of the second game mode.

cardano juegos

Each furniture The property has a number of features to help guests be successful on their adventures.

Furniture is purchased as NFTs. The further, the more profits and customers the owner of the tavern will have.

The furniture and warriors they can farmear making Stacks of at least 100 ADA in the game pool. They also generate rewards in the form of NFTs that can be sold on a secondary market or on the official Cardano market.

The full version of the game will be in 2024, but by 2023 the beta will be available.

Cardano Warriors

It is an adventure game with RPG elements through virtual spaces called “islas”. Which can be purchased, customized and managed by the players or be native to the game itself.

The islands are interconnected in a world called “Kingdom of Cardania.” They can be freely explored by the players where they can find secrets, challenges and all kinds of rarities.

Developers are still studying how to give players value. Among the possibilities is the livestock, agriculture, construction and tax collection.

cardano juegos 2

Players can buy Warriors NFT to complete missions PvP o PvE and win more collectibles. These can be used in the game or sold on a secondary market.

The characteristics and degrees of rarity of the warriors will determine their value.

The developers announced that they will donate islands to those users who already own warriors. The size of the islands will depend on the number and rare of warriors that users have in their portfolio.

ada price 2021 11 26

Cardano is trading at $ 1.64 in the early hours of this Friday.

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Metaverse and Cardano’s “play to earn” game bet

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