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After several months of waiting and amidst the enthusiasm of the community, IOHK confirms that smart contracts reach Cardano in mid-September. Token price THERE IS it remains on the USD $ 2 per unit.


The company responsible for the technological development of the project Cardano, IOHK, finally revealed that the next Hard Fork for the network will take place on September 12, with which smart contracts will officially arrive.

This was revealed by the IOHK team in a message published today through their account Twitter, in which it reads:

“It’s happening. We have scheduled September 12, 2021 for the Alonzo update, bringing smart contracts to Cardano through a combiner event for the Hard Fork. “

The arrival of smart contracts has been one of the most anticipated events by enthusiasts and investors of the project Cardano, with which the programmers will be able to make use of the network to operate a large number of use cases, especially highlighting decentralized applications, platforms DeFi, digital collectibles (NFT) and many others, all designed with the programming language Plutus.

The person in charge of breaking the news was the head of deliveries of Cardano, Nigel Hemsley, who in a broadcast stated:

“We are moving rapidly towards the Hard Fork in the mainnet… Our engineering and test teams are working very hard to make sure the components are up to date and ready for the final Alonzo release.”

The announcement comes a week after IOHK officially announced that Alonzo reached purple phase, translating this into the first public testnet for the project, with which the interested community can test the smart contract code, run validation nodes and do staking.

The path to Alonzo’s arrival

Before the next one takes place Hard Fork, The development team is already on the countdown to implement the changes necessary to make this possible, which are estimated at about 140 integrations that should be ready with the full software package.

Hand in hand with the above, the Cardano Foundation is working with various entities to integrate into Alonzo Purple, So once all the software components are ready, a final test network will be implemented on September 1, this being the step before the release of the update on the mainnet.

Given the expectations of the announcement of the arrival of smart contracts to Cardano, the token price THERE IS has reacted positively over the last 24 hours. At press time, the digital currency is trading at exactly about $ 2 per unit, capitalizing an increase of more than 12% in the last 24 hours.

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Smart contracts will arrive on the Cardano network on September 12, confirms IOHK – DiarioBitcoin

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