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Charles Hoskinson presented his projections for Cardano (ADA) for next year. The mathematician stressed that one of the most important objectives is to finalize the plans for the use of technology blockchain to facilitate affordable loans to the world’s poorest through decentralized finance.

During a live Broadcast on December 24, the founder of Cardano stated that the second half of 2022 is expected to achieve end-to-end microfinance transactions on the network:

“My goal for the second half of 2022 is to figure out how to put all the pieces together for an end-to-end microfinance transaction at Cardano. For a real person in Kenya or somewhere with a blockchain-based identity and credit score, the stablecoin on the other side, Cardano is the lane of settlement, Peer-to-Peer, person to person. “

A formal open source project structure

Subsequently, the founder of Cardano continued to expose the milestones that the network is expected to blockchain scientific reach next year:

“Next year, what will happen is that a formal open source project structure will be formed, something like Hyperledger for Linux. We will see many institutions connected, and all the people who are currently working on it will be new, including me. […] When you look at things like improve [la plataforma de contrato inteligente de Cardano] Plutus, there are already three CIPS [propuestas de mejora de Cardano] as a result of the work we have done with developers who need to participate ”.

Charles Hoskinson also reiterated Cardano’s work methodology, “a systematic, patient and refined process”, always pointing to small achievements that, together, offer important results for the ecosystem:

“It is a fast iteration game. You do a little bit. You get a big advantage […] We are organizing things properly and we are beginning to see a refinement of the science of things. The adoption is there. The community is there. We have grown to about two million people ”.

Recently the mathematician had also qualified Cardano as an “antithesis” of the mindset of many investors and traders From the market, and asked the crypto community to calm down and focus on the fundamentals of the project. Hoskinson also maintained:

“We started with remediation as our top priority and now that it has been achieved, we move towards optimizing the tuning of performance, usability and these factors.”

2021: a year of significant achievements for Cardano

The year that is about to end saw important milestones for Cardano. Last september smart capabilities were officially enabled contracts of Plutus in the mainnet of Cardano following the implementation of the long-awaited Alonzo update.

At the same time, several projects have been developed in the blockchain by Cardano, including exchanges decentralized, DApps, NFT and even a converter to migrate projects from the Ethereum network.

On December 21, Hoskinson pointed out that Cardano is building protocols that could take decades to finalize and use, but that they have the potential to be “as ubiquitous as the Internet” and could be adopted by billions of people around the world.

At press time, ADA, Cardano’s native cryptocurrency, is trading at $ 1.44, according to data from CoinMarketCap. The figure is well below the $ 3 ATH recorded last September.


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What awaits Cardano (ADA) in 2022? Charles Hoskinson exposes his projections – BeInCrypto

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