Why has Cardano sparked interest in the crypto community?

Cardano has sparked some interest from part of the crypto community in recent days. To better understand why, Cointelegraph en Español spoke with Antonio Sánchez, Cardano’s ambassador in Spain.

Why the importance of Cardano lately? Sánchez’s first response to this is “for the launch of the fork Mary “. About this, he noted: “It’s going to make all smart contract developments mainnet-enabled.”

“This is a great advance, because many of the projects that today are migrating from Ethereum, are waiting to be able to implement the contracts within the Cardano network”, added.

Sánchez considered that this was one of the reasons that led to a price rebound. “There are many people who are betting on it, because they know that other projects are migrating to the Cardano network. That is one of the most important points as to why the price of ADA has risen ”, he pointed out.


For Sánchez, Cardano’s potential lies in low fees, scalability and security.

“It is not the same to implement a project in a network based on a programming language that is not functional like Ethereum Consolidity, which for a semicolon may have a problem when deploying a financial contract. This Cardano solves it, because it uses a functional programming language based on Haskell, and that gives a fairly large security bonus, and anyone who wants to develop a project, looks at these characteristics with a magnifying glass “, said the Cardano ambassador in the country Iberian.

He also emphasized the development issue: “The team behind it is made up mostly of well-qualified engineers. There are three pillars: IOKH, Emurgo and the Cardano Foundation. Each one has its characteristics and its functions and they work quite well ”.

Security and fees

What distinguishes Cardano from other projects? Faced with this question, Sánchez stressed that there is mainly the issue of security and fees. “It is much cheaper to deploy or make any smart contracts, traceability projects or digital identity within the Cardano network due to the issue of fees”, he pointed out.

“As of today, all projects in a DeFi environment with Ethereum have the problem that gas has exploded. Thus, deploying a DAO or a smart contract can involve a cost in thousands of euros. And people are looking for the ease of creating a project on a functional network, which is cheap and scales well. And Cardano will solve that in time “, added.


On the other hand, Sánchez mentioned participation when staking: “Cardano is the one with the most liquidity, the most contributions and the most delegates. For price it is number one. Then comes Polkadot “

Then he added: “There are many people who bet on Cardano staking, supporting its ADA in some pool, delegating it to it”

“You have to talk about decentralization. There are almost 1,000 pools on the Cardano network. Each pool belongs to a member or person who trusts and has decided to create a pool to improve Cardano’s security ”, he explained.

To conclude, he referred to the fact that the Spanish-speaking Cardano community has increased in recent times. And he also spoke of the importance of education.

“Do not trust tweets from people who think they are gurus. There are many scams and spam ”, he highlighted.

He then commented: “Within Cardano you have to be very careful. It is under the crosshairs of scammers. They impersonated me three times and they are trying to scam people ”.

“You have to know how to verify where a news item or statement that is not official comes from,” he concluded.

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Why has Cardano sparked interest in the crypto community?

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