Why is Cardano taking the biggest punishment among the big cryptocurrencies?

Cardano just beat the million wallets or staking wallets of the ADA token, distributed in more than 3,000 pools, with an activity that has reached some 33,000 million virtual currencies, reaching a market capitalization of 47,000 million.

But the falls of the last days have left the capitalization level, remember, of the sixth currency in the cryptocurrency market with two million dollars below this level.

Cardano capitalization of the first six cryptocurrencies on the market

And, despite the fact that oscillations, especially downwards, have been the general trend in the crypto world in recent days, with enormous volatility, Cardano is one of the assets that has had the most declines. The reasons are various, some that affect everything and others of their own. First of all, uncertainty always has a huge impact on the listed blockchain universe, because despite the fact that its multiple applications continue to evolve and improve, the market only perceives it, at least for the moment, as a high-risk asset.

We have seen it with Bitcoin the largest and most quoted among the large investors, with falls in these sessions due to inflation that have dragged the rest. It seems that it is no longer considered, also in these moments, as an inflation protector and therefore its downward trend drags the rest, especially the altcoins, which have been hit hard in recent days.

To this he joins the presence of the main CEOs of leading companies of the world of critical coins in his appearance in the US Congress. It is a first step, listening to the Ceos of Circle, FTX, Bitfury, Stellar and Coinbase, all with a view to the future regulation of these online currencies, of which the sector, in its generality, does not even want to hear talk when considering it, the libertarian aspect and without support that its essence carries would be broken.

In its stock chart we see that Cardano continues to accumulate falls, despite its great year in the market. Decreases of 5.3% in the last five traded sessions that join the an unfortunate month in which it reports falls of 35%. Also the last three months Cardano presents decreases in its price of 46%. But after its highs of $ 3 in September, the asset continues to accumulate annual revaluations of 622% and since December of last year, these accumulated earnings are close to 727%.

Cardano annual price of the asset

But it seems that investors continue to punish value for what is to come. That eToro decision, Faced with future regulation, it may be an open door for other exchanges to follow, which marks the sales of investors. Let’s remember that as of December 31 the users of this platform in the United States cannot position themselves on ADA in the market, with added limitations on their wallets, which will only be effective until the end of the first quarter of the year. And a bad precedent, which continues to have a path in the market.

Negative news, which have led on the networks Cardano users to issue criticisms that its creator did not like at all. Charles Hoskinson since the beginning of December has indicated which will block all those who complain about your cryptocurrency.

And it is that, it is curious that activity on Cardano is on the rise in the face of declines in value. More wallets, but smaller amounts despite the declines that we have seen in the asset’s price on the market.

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Why is Cardano taking the biggest punishment among the big cryptocurrencies?

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