How to buy Chainlink easily

The rise of cryptocurrencies is a fact, with such fierce success that today we see how Bitcoin is legal currency in El Salvador. But, of course, it is not the only cryptocurrency on the market. Here we explain how to buy Chainlink (LINK) in the simplest way.

Before you buy Chainlink: why buy?

Before buy chainlink or another cryptocurrency there is something essential that we must ask ourselves and answer: «Why buy chainlink? ». In this world, it’s all about research and information, so we must first become familiar with cryptocurrency.

Is is a cryptocurrency that began to generate different theses and comments in 2019, which motivated the research and study of it. Why? Due to its exponential growth, which allows it to be compared with Bitcoin (BTC), the mother of cryptocurrencies.

In addition, 4 years separate us from the launch (2017) of this token virtual, which allows us to have a Chainlink’s bigger perspective. Currently, its price is around 23-24 USD, and its growth has been constant and unstoppable. This development is due to everything that Chainlink represents, which goes beyond being a cryptocurrency.

Chainlink: beyond a simple cryptocurrency

And is that cryptocurrencies are often born as part of projects that represent values ​​or even ideals.

For example, we can talk about the case Dogecoin (DOGE) and how he ended up growing and enriching many, being the antihero of cryptocurrencies. Likewise, we can explain how Chainlink is more than just a cryptocurrency and represents the financing of a larger project.

Buying Chainlink: What’s Beyond?

We must talk about the beginnings. Chainlink started as a project that many liked and brought with it a great advance in the world of blockchain. This is the technology on which cryptocurrencies work, also known as a “chain of blocks”.

What is this project? Connect real-world information with Smart Contracts (smart contracts). Specifically, it connects such information with technology blockchain, by which these contracts are made. In other words, we are talking about a virtual contract, not a pen and paper.

Let’s say you want to sell your car through a smart contract. First, you do not need a lawyer or a third party, the conditions thereof are set by each party. Second, once the contract is made and the conditions are exposed, the technology blockchain protects it.

That contract and the conditions it keeps cannot be modified. The magic comes now, which is what Chainlink enables. Let’s say that the condition for that car to be released is that a certain amount of money is deposited in your account. Happens that blockchain You can’t verify this information, but Chainlink can.

An oracle net

Thus, Chainlink becomes what is known as an «oracle network», the bridge between real world information and technology. blockchain. The last step that is completed is to execute the actions described in the smart contract.

Chainlink tells blockchain that they transferred the agreed money to him and now he is in charge of releasing the car you were selling. This is a smart contract, this is the Chainlink project. The value that said cryptocurrency has today is cemented here.

Investors have not only seen their future, but have also appreciated what Chainlink stands for. This information is essential to take the next step: investing, buy chainlink.

In the knowledge is the confidence to move forward, now you know the cryptocurrency and you are familiar with it.

How to buy Chainlink?

Now let’s see how buy chainlink (LINK). Whether we were to acquire this cryptocurrency, or if it were any other, we need a wallet, a digital wallet. Usually, the platforms on which we make purchases and sales offer us this type of wallet.

Thus, the first step is to choose a platform to carry out the transactions. Depending on this, we will need, or not, a minimum deposit, which can range from 5 USD to 250 dollars. With the money we deposit we can acquire the asset.

What platform do I choose?

This is the bridge between our money and the world of cryptocurrencies, the blockchain and graphics on the screen. Among the most recommended platforms for buy chainlink, we can mention:

  • Coin Kong Trader– Minimum deposit is 250 USD
  • Fpmarkets: the minimum deposit is 100 USD
  • LonghornFX– The minimum deposit is as low as 10 USD

Of course, the selection of the platform depends on the criteria of each person. Among other recommendations, for example, we can mention the Binance application. A great advantage of this app is that, if you don’t understand how it works, you can use the Lite version, made for beginners.

After choosing the platform, create your account

For buy chainlinkAfter selecting the preferred platform, an account must be created on it. The data requested will depend on the app, what can be certain is that you need to verify your identity after creating the account. This, showing an identity document with a photo, a passport or ID.

After creating and verifying the account, you will only have to make the deposit of the money to invest and thus buy the cryptocurrency.

If you still wonder where you can buy Chainlink Click on the previous sentence and you will find more information about it.

Always informed

The /. Not only in events that directly involve the world of tokens virtual, but also in those that at first glance seem alien to it. HereFor example, there is current information that may be useful to you.

On the other hand, if you want to extend the knowledge about cryptocurrencies, in Buy Bitcoin there is extra and reliable information.

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How to buy Chainlink easily

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