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The PancakeSwap protocol leads the position as the DEX with the highest transaction volume in the Binance Smart Chain network, its most promising innovation, the lottery, has been integrated into Chainlink to provide greater security in daily draws.

The announcement has been made from both official Twitter accounts, on the one hand from PancakeSwap and on the other from Chainlink where the axis is to promote the safety of the users in front of the lottery interface, which must ensure correct correlation between the result and who is the winning user.

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The Chainlink application is called Chainlink VRF where a provably fair source of randomness is provided that is used to select the winners in within the PancakeSwap Lottery V2 app.

This goes hand in hand with a supporting cryptographic test that verifies that the random number generation process is tamper-proof.

Thanks the integration, lottery players can rest assured that all users have an equal chance to win prizes while enjoying the fun new game.

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An integration to provide fairness and transparency

The PancakeSwap lottery has two draws every day, users can participate by purchasing tickets, each of which contains 6 digits.

Prizes are determined by the number of digits on the user’s ticket, starting with the first digit from the left, which match the digits generated by Chainlink VRF. The breakdown is as follows:

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However, accessing a source of tamper-resistant randomness in the chain in a verifiable way It is not as simple as it might seem.

RNG solutions on-chain What blockhashes may be subject to manipulation by miners, while random number generation solutions off-chain they are opaque and do not provide proof of integrity.

Overcoming these obstacles is the reason Chainlink VRF was selected for PancakeSwap Lottery V2. On a technical level, Chainlink VRF works by combining:

  • Block data that is still unknown when the request is made.
  • The previously committed private key of the oracle node.

This combination is used to generate both a random number and a cryptographic proof, on the other hand, the smart contract PancakeSwap Lottery V2 will only accept random number input if you have valid crypto proof and this can only be generated if the process is tamper-proof.

This implementation provides users of the protocol automated and publicly verifiable guarantees that each random number draw is perfectly demonstrable and fair, where there can be no alterations, predictions by the oracle, outside entities, or the PancakeSwap team.


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PancakeSwap integrates Chainlink VRF for added security in lottery draws – BeInCrypto

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