Price analysis of Bitcoin, Ethereum ($ 4k) and Chainlink

Bitcoin price has been operating in an extremely narrow range during the last five days; in fact, the price of BTC has closed within a window of $ 378 during that period.

The BTC / USD 4HR chart below AlanSantana shows BTC bulls trying to turn the 0.786 fib level [$50,800] to support the resistance and at the same time target more than $ 5,300 more. That general goal is the fiber level of 1,618 [$56,190.67].

Bearish BTC traders are trying in reverse to push the price of BTC below 0.786 and below $ 50k at the 0.618 fib level. [$49,575.61]. If the bears have their way at that level, a secondary target for bearish traders below is the 0.382 fib level. [$48,014.46].

Bitcoin Goals for Bullish and Bearish Traders

The The fear and greed index is 41 Fear and +1 from Sunday’s reading of 40 Fear.

The fear and greed index is in the fear zone.

The most important BTC moving averages are as follows: 20 days [$50,489.49], 50 days [$56,990.79], 100 days [$52,680.81], 200 days [$48,392.99], Year to date [$47,409.80].

BTC’s 24-hour price range is $ 50,546- $ 52,050 and its 7-day price range is $ 47,046- $ 52,050. Bitcoin’s 52-week price range is $ 25,923- $ 69,044.

The price of bitcoin on this date last year was $ 27,125.

The average price of BTC for the last 30 days is $ 50,466.

Bitcoin [-0.22%] closed your daily candle for value $ 50,684 Y in red figures to close the week after finishing Saturday in green figures.

Ethereum analysis

Ether price closed the daily candle on Sunday – $ 24,93, but ETH price still ended above a major inflection level at $ 4k.

An important chart for Ether market participants currently is the ETH / USD 1W chart, and there is an interpretation of this timescale below Skookum_.

Traders will notice that the ETH price is currently between the 0.382 fib level. [$3,658.31] and the level of 0.236 fib [$4,120.96]. Above the 0.236 fib level, the bulls are setting their sights on 0 [$4,868.79].

From a bearish trader’s perspective, ETH bears want to break out of the 0.382 fib [$3,658.31] and test lower prices at 0.50 fib [$3,284.39].

Ether could test lower prices

The most important moving averages for Ether are: 20 days [$4,151.54], 50 days [$4,262.61], 100 days [$3,798.45], 200 days [$3,123.52], Year to date [$2,766.66].

ETH’s 24-hour price range is $ 4,041- $ 4,129, and its 7-day price range is $ 3,934- $ 4,157. Ether’s 52-week price range is $ 713.72 to $ 4,878.

The ETH price on this date in 2020 was $ 732.96.

The average price of ETH for the last 30 days is $ 4,128.

Ether [-0.61%] closed its daily candle on Sunday for value $ 4.036,24 and in red figures for the second day in a row.

Chain link analysis

LINK price ended Sunday’s daily candle + $. 02, Y LINK bullish traders have regained some momentum from bearish traders during the last week.

The LINK / USD 1D chart below EdgarTigranyan allows traders to visualize the most important levels for Chainlink traders between the $ 20 to $ 30 range.

LINK bullish traders are trying to hold the 38.20% fib level [$22.79] and then recover the fib level of 50.00% [$25.74]. If the bulls succeed at that level, they have a secondary target of the 61.80% fib level. [$28.7] and a third objective at the 65.00% fib level [$29.50].

The targets below for bearish LINK traders start first with breaking the 38.20% fib level with a secondary target of the 23.60% fib level. [$19.17]. The third target below for LINK bears is 0.00% [$13.23] and a complete pullback from the LINK breakout – This level will only be achieved if the bears can break out of a long-term trend line to the downside.

Chain link analysisChainlink top levels

Another LINK chart for traders to consider is Crypto_Burger’s LINK / USD 1W chart. The chart shows LINK price respecting a long-term trend line that is part of a continuous ascending channel dating back to 2018.

Chain link analysis

LINK’s price is trading below all major moving averages except the 20-day, at the time of writing: 20 days [$21.08], 50 days [$26.37], 100 days [$26.47], 200 days [$27.27], Year to date [$26.73].

Chainlink’s 24-hour price range is $ 22.93 to $ 24.42, and its 7-day price range is $ 18.48 to $ 24.42. LINK’s 52-week price range is $ 11.05 to $ 52.7.

LINK’s price on this date last year was $ 12.67.

Chainlink’s average price over the past 30 days is $ 21.14.

LINK [+0.09%] closed its daily candle on Sunday for value $ 22.99 and in green figures for the third consecutive daily close.

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Price analysis of Bitcoin, Ethereum ($ 4k) and Chainlink

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