July 27, 2021

China denounces a “cold war mentality”

After having treated the G7 communiqué the day before with apparent contempt, China reacted strongly on Tuesday (June 15) to that of NATO, which qualifies it as “Systemic challenge” for world order and for the Atlantic Alliance itself.

On Tuesday, the Chinese mission to the European Union called on the organization to “To see China’s development rationally, to stop exaggerating different forms of Chinese threat theories, and not to use China’s legitimate interests and legal rights as an excuse to manipulate political groups into creating confrontations artificially “. The press release also denounces the “Cold war mentality” from NATO members, a recurring criticism of Beijing with regard, in particular, to the United States.

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On Monday, the Chinese Embassy in the United Kingdom reacted to the G7 press release, which mentions China three times: to call for a transparent investigation into the origins of Covid-19 “Including in China”, to call him at “Respect human rights and fundamental freedoms”, especially in Hong Kong and in the province of Xinjiang, and for “Stress the importance of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait”.

For Beijing, this press release “Deliberately slanders China”. In an editorial, the China Daily considers that the G7 may still live in “The illusion that the world is ruled by its diktats”. “The G7 would do better to focus its attention on solving the real problems facing the world which are: containing the pandemic by ensuring an equitable distribution of vaccines, fighting global warming and lifting global economic uncertainties instead of attacking China. “, writes the Communist daily in English.

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“More political than practical”

As early as Saturday, June 13, the Chinese embassy in London declared: “Gone are the days when a small group of countries could dictate their law to the rest of the world. “ In the more nationalist tone which is its trademark, the Global Times reckons on Tuesday that “The G7 communiqué is much more political than practical and that China does not need to take it seriously.”

Still, it’s clear that China cares. The media and observers insist on the divisions within the G7, in particular between the Europeans and the Americans. Ignoring the questioning by Mario Draghi, the President of the Italian Council, of Rome’s participation in the Silk Roads enacted in 2019, China affirms that the project « Build Back Better World » launched by the G7 will not be able to compete with this Chinese “Belt and Road Initiative” project.

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