September 25, 2021

Cry of alert from the SPA on the abandonment of animals during the holidays

The holidays have barely started when the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) is already sounding the alarm. The association warned, Thursday July 8, about the acceleration of abandonment and the saturation of its shelters, which have already reached their maximum capacity, especially catteries.

With 7,700 residents, “The sites are close to saturation”, and “Adoptions are less numerous during this summer vacation period”, explains the SPA in a press release, fearing “Soon no longer be able to take charge of abandonments and welcome new animals”.

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Since 1is May, 8,932 abandoned animals were taken in by the association, in its 62 shelters and SPA houses, or 6% more than in 2019 over the same period. This trend accelerated in June, with an increase of 14% compared to 2019. The strongest increase concerns cats and NACs (new pets: rodents, reptiles, etc.), whose collection has increased 25% in June compared to 2019.

“Animal object”

An alarming situation, because “This 2021 trend beats all the sad records of previous years”, deplore animal rights activists, who denounce “Easy shopping and [qui déresponsabilisent] on the Internet, as on Leboncoin, and in pet stores that took place in 2020 “.

“The SPA is going through an even more dramatic start to the summer than the previous ones, because we have to manage the consequences of the pandemic and the drifts of the animal business”, alert Jacques-Charles Fombonne, president of the organization. “It is ultimately slowly that pets become collateral victims of the health crisis”, he continues.

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To stop the problem of “The object animal”, he is waiting for the government to confirm the ban on the sale of pets in pet stores and on the Internet. “This sad reality that we are living will allow the Senate to ratify the articles of law on the modes of acquisition of companion animals, voted in January in the National Assembly”, hopes the president of the SPA. This bill should help to avoid impulse purchases of pets, which then lead to too many abandons – 100,000 each year in France.

For its part, the ESPOAr collective, launched at the end of June to fight against the abandonment of pets, fears Thursday an arrival in shelters of thousands of additional animals if article 3 bis of the draft law against animal abuse was voted as it is by the Senate at the start of the next school year. This article removes the right of associations without refuge – the majority in France, with 3,200 structures throughout the country, against 775 shelters – to have recourse to host families.

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