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The company behind one of the largest web browsers, Firefox, has once again mobilized the social networks of the crypto community after the controversies surrounding the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Dogecoin founder Billy Markus has slammed Mozilla after the platform raised the adoption of the DOGE cryptocurrency allegedly from a Ponzi scheme, in addition to criticism of the environmental damage of Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies.

Markus referred the following on his Twitter account:

“Thank you for succumbing to an ignorant and reactionary web mob…citing the high environmental costs of paper dollars and the entire traditional banking structure, which you say you are sure will have the same level of collapse from your own ongoing environmental impact.”

The comments leave the reflection on whether Mozilla was “innocent enough” like to believe random statements on the internet or you are ignoring some facts.

Controversy between Mozilla and DOGE

The organization confirmed a few days ago that will “stop the ability to donate with crypto” immediately. The team says it is in an open discussion about the potential environmental harm that accepting donations via cryptocurrency may entail, stating:

“We are reviewing whether our current cryptocurrency donation policy is in line with our climate goals.”

The controversy began at the end of 2021, on December 31, when Mozilla published on Twitter the acceptance of DOGE for a donation to its foundation. Mozilla Firefox already accepted cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Everyone applauded, until Mozilla co-founder Jamie Zawinski stated that those involved in the decision to accept cryptocurrencies they should be ashamed. He claimed that meme cryptocurrencies like DOGE would be money from “Ponzi rackets incinerating the planet”.

The debate has also attracted Bitcoin advocates like Ari Paul, CEO and founder of BlockTower Capital, who claimed that cryptocurrencies are helping the proliferation of renewable energy:

A few hours later, Zawinski, declared on his private blog:

“Cryptocurrencies have been the largest green energy subsidy in the world and we have already seen the beneficial effects. pow [prueba de trabajo] it has a heavier energy mix from renewable sources than any other industry.”

He also stated that cryptocurrencies are not only an apocalyptic ecological disaster and a massive pyramid scheme, but they are also incredibly toxic to the open web, another ideal that Mozilla used to support.

He specified that the debate is open and the final decision could affect the 220 million users current browser spread across the globe. In contrast to Firefox’s move to handle crypto assets, the privacy-focused browser.

Brave has fully embraced crypto with Solana integrations among other key alliances and has even seen its base exceed 50 million active users in 2021. The Mozilla Foundation has been receiving donations in cryptocurrencies since 2014.


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Dogecoin Creator Criticizes Mozilla Firefox for Canceling Crypto Donations – BeInCrypto

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