Ethereum in 10 years will dominate more than half of global financial transactions

Ethereum, according to the experts, continues to be one of the assets with the most progression and possibilities in 2022 and in the future. It is immersed in a process that is expected to be completed in the first half of this year, andIt went from proof of work to proof of participation in what is called The Merge, the new transformation for its development of the Ethereum network that it intends with this merger.

It is expected to increase its scalability and performance, with the second step The Surge, the surge and the rest of them in their advance: The Verge or the edge that will allow the widest possible access of participants, The Purge la purga that will be in charge of eliminating with the historical data and The Splurge or waste in which various updates will be formalized as as highlighted by its creator Vitálik Buterin. In short, a simplification of the system for the future.

Ethereum and its proof of stake passage

It highlights the importance of the first two stages, which are essential in the process and which account for 80% of all its development.. We will see how it develops, for what is still the network with the most positivities within the blockchain universe, especially due to its DeFi, its decentralized finances and the NFTs, the non-fungible tokens and their present and future possibilities.

Pantera Capital has ruled on this matter, which projects, in a decade how the system presents all the potentialities to achieve and even overcome, through the Ethereum network, 50% of financial transactions worldwide. Although along the way he will have to deal with some issues that we will now see.

While in the market, the value recovers from lows, but with clearly negative prices that are chained so far in 2022, despite yesterday’s price recovery, while it drops to 27th place in global capitalization, only ahead of Nestlé . Thus their weekly cuts reach 18.7%, the monthly ones exceed 22%, with semiannual advances of 45.3% and in the year it already yields 17%.

Ethereum cryptocurrency price

But his great handicap will undoubtedly continue to be the commissions it charges for its transactions, very high which have led to the development of new systems of the so-called “killers” of Ethereum that are gaining ground and less dominance in the DeFi universe. In 2021 from 100% to 70% until now.

According to the technical indicators of Investment Strategies, Ethereum drops a point and a half in its valuation and in consolidation mode it reaches a score of 5.5 points out of 10 possible for the asset. Among the positive highlights the long-term upward trend, the positive slow total moment, the long-term increasing volume and the amplitude range, also in the long term, which moves decreasing for the value.

On the other side highlights the medium-term downtrend, the fast total moment that is negative, the decreasing business volume in the medium term and volatility, also in the medium term for Ethereum, which is increasing in the medium term.

For Alejandro Zala, Country Manager of Bitpanda Spain “It has been a slow start to the year for Ethereum. The second largest cryptocurrency is currently battling Bitcoin for market dominance. The past year was very Ethereum-centric, with ETH outperforming BTC by a considerable margin.

However, it highlights that “Ethereum price has lost ground in recent sale and it has broken out of the downward wedge it was in since mid-November of last year. The price fell below 3,000 euros for the first time in almost 3 months. Despite having had a bad time in these first days of the year, BTC and ETH are likely to be decisive players in the cryptocurrency market again in 2022 ”.

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Ethereum in 10 years will dominate more than half of global financial transactions

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