Ethereum: raises its costs, among the most googled and undervalued according to Cathie Wood

Ethereum is still applauded from many sectors for its future potential, as an investment and for the possibilities it presents. However, it is something that investors do not seem to have very much in mind about the value right now. As a real time button shows. The falls of the Ether token during the last week They are no less than 5 percentage points higher than those of Bitcoin.

A lag that could well be due to the high cost of their transactions, that, in addition, it seems that each time it is of greater quantity. The normal thing is that one of them is worth around 20 euros, but if we talk about smart contracts the commissions rise up to 60 dollars, what a very high price. With the updates a substantial improvement was expected, but has not occurred. With the last one, the EIP-1559, what has occurred is a change in the way of paying them, in two sections, part is burned and part goes to the miners.

Be that as it may, the fact is that the asset continues to experience significant falls in the market walking away and much of their Annual highs, those harvested at $ 4,867 at the beginning of November. And this fact has also cut its capitalization that lowers global positions, already below half a trillion and standing at 458,000 million dollars. In addition, according to Companies market cap, it drops to ranked number 17 global rankings, below Visa in valuation and above UnitedHealth.

Ethereum asset capitalization in comparison

And what Cathie Wood considers to be undervalued, even above Bitcoin. The head of Ark Invest, a devotee of cryptocurrencies, also considers that both are not competitors, but sees in Ethereum a proposal with a lot of potential.

Too your interest in the development of the decentralized finance sector is known DeFi, concentrated in Ethereum, which drives the value of the crypto much more both inside and outside the market. And much will depend on its evolution in the coming years, because it affirms that it still has a long way to go, in the face of the greater development of Bitcoin.

In his stock chart we see that Ethereum already yields 13.3% in the last week with cuts of 18.2% in the month. Earn 48.6% in the previous semester and annual advances decrease, but they remain for assets at an important 414% and year-on-year, since December of last year it has risen 546%.

Ethereum annual price of the asset

BBVA Switzerland, the subsidiary of the Spanish entity that soon entered the world of custody first and after the sale of crypto assets It has expanded to Ethereum, which it is going to incorporate into its offering. And it’s a second step, because the objective of BBVA suiza is to continue incorporating and expanding the portfolio of digital assets in the coming months.

In contention since last June, through your denominated New Gen account, Through which Bitcoin can be incorporated as before, and add Ether to it, so it becomes en the first traditional bank in Europe to incorporate ether into its service. All in a cast of the greatest interest that these assets arouse and the guarantees of complying with the regulation.

And as an anecdote remember that Ethereum has crept into the most searched of the year for Google. Specifically, the news related to the price of its token in the market, ranked tenth.

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Ethereum: raises its costs, among the most googled and undervalued according to Cathie Wood

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