Investors attention: despite the losses, experts predict new records for Bitcoin and Ethereum

The two cryptocurrencies with the highest market value could scale to figures never seen before. In this note, the values ​​predicted by specialists

The cryptocurrencies They did not start the year in the best way and after experiencing a “black Thursday”, where the prices of the most important ones fell between 8% and 18% on average, they ended the week with a downward trend.

But despite the bleak outlook, Mike McGlone, famous analyst of Bloomberg Intelligence, stressed that “go to Bitcoin (BTC) setting a record in its value per unit, a figure that could reach u$s100.000“.

And while it is not the first time that experts have placed BTC in the six-figure range, their latest performances transformed that goal, for many, into a utopia in the short and medium term.

However, McGlone He justified his forecast in that “a key point that we see is that the United States Federal Reserve (FED), faced with the highest inflation in the last four decades, is more inclined to raise interest rates if risky assets keep going up “.

For the analyst, the expectations of increases in the interest rates of the FED in 2022 could lead to a “win-win scenario” for Bitcoin versus the stock market.

“Cryptoassets are on top of the speculative and risky, but the firstborn is fast becoming the world’s reserve digital asset,” he wrote McGlone.

For its part, Zach Pandl, Co-Head of Global Currency Strategy and Emerging Markets at Goldman Sachs, suggested that BTC “could exceed 50% of the market share of value reserves in the next five years” and predicted “that the price of the cryptocurrency could exceed US $ 100,000 by subtracting market share from gold. “.

What will happen to the rest

McGlone stated that alternatives such as Ethereum (ETH) and the stablecoins pegged to the dollar they will maintain their dominance this year. He also shares the vision of those who place ETH at $ 5,000 per unit.

Instead, for the Bloomberg Intelligence specialist, Binance Coin (BNB) y Solana (SOL) “could end their temporary visit to the top five of the market.”

For McGlone, Ethereum (ETH) and dollar-pegged stablecoins will maintain their dominance this year

Binance and the whales, the “winners” of the Bitcoin crash: how many BTC did they buy on the downside?

The big players decided to stand at the opposite extreme of those who went out to sell their positions at a loss and chose to expand their holdings taking advantage of the fall in values ​​to buy. “cheap”.

This is the case of the exchange Binance, the most important in the world, which in recent days added 43,000 Bitcoins to its coffers.

For its part, the third Bitcoin wallet continues to buy the fall and added others 551 bitcoins to their coffers, which became 121,396 bitcoins.

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Investors attention: despite the losses, experts predict new records for Bitcoin and Ethereum

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