OpenSea: At dawn 2022, January will be more profitable for Ethereum or Polygon

December ended on a high note for OpenSea, as both Ethereum Y Polygon users recorded some impressive statistics in the NFT market. But now, at dawn in 2022, the crypto market is in a state of bloodshed. NFT creators and merchants alike should take a closer look at the Dune Analytics data to see what the month might bring.

How are you “Dune” in January?

The market is barely 10 days into January, and most of the major cryptocurrencies are in the red. However, OpenSea has seen impressive momentum. If this continues, it is very likely that January will also set new records.

Number 12 of the Dune Digest, and the first for 2022, reported,

“Another encouraging statistic is the monthly active traders on Ethereum, which reached a its highest point in December at 362.679. The even more bullish and active traders of January have already almost reached half of that. (176,973), And we’ve only been a week! “

In regards to Polygon, Dune Digest indicated While there were December highs in terms of NFTs sold and volume, these did not necessarily translate into active users on Polygon.

Time for a pit stop

On January 8, the average gas price on Ethereum it was 121.24 Gwei. So far, the first days of January have seen gas rates skyrocket again into the triple-digit range, while in December gas rates were below 100 gwei for several days.

There is a high probability that this increase in fees could affect OpenSea’s statistics for Ethereum in January.

A similar trend can be seen with Polygon. Average gas rates, which were largely below 200 gwei in December, have recently spiked above 400 gwei. If these rates continue into January, it seems unlikely that Polygon’s stats on OpenSea will match the sky-high milestones in December.

In particular, 1,998,459 NFTs were sold in the last month of 2021, which Polygon in front of Ethereum in terms of the same metric.

Fountain: PolygonScan

Save the date for SOS

Those who love to shop on OpenSea were pleasantly surprised when they learned that OpenDAO would release 50% of its content. 100 billion SOS tokens to those who had bought from OpenSea.

However, OpenDAO Announced that the time limit for claiming the tokens had been reduced, and would end on January 12.

Those who have the mysterious SOS token or are planning to claim it, should mark the deadline and stay tuned for updates after red letter day.

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OpenSea: At dawn 2022, January will be more profitable for Ethereum or Polygon

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