Sandbox is migrating to Ethereum Sidechain Polygon and launching a DAO in 2022

Polygon (MATIC)

Sandbox game is migrating to Ethereum Sidechain Polygon and launching DAO in 2022

AnTyDecember 30, 2021

Virtual real estate platform Sandbox plans to move to Polygon, a layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, to better serve its growing audience. Polygon has been receiving a growing amount of interest from applications and users who are unaware of the price of Ethereum due to its high fees and slow processing.

Ethereum-based Metaverse is migrating to Polygon to minimize transaction fees and network congestion when interacting with the game.

“The metaverse must be built by people,” The Sandbox co-founder and COO Sebastien Borget said in an interview.

“Once they are building with our tools and creating experiences that are ready to be open to the public, and we are at layer 2 to publish experiences in their LANDs, I think it will be a good time to start. . «

Once the game transitions to Polygon, the game will be able to be released more widely to the public.

Polygon’s MATIC token is one of the best performing in 2021, with a 14,000% yield.

There is also a plan to launch a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) in 2022 to give LAND owners the right to vote on changes to be made to the game. Also, LAND NFT will be released during the next year.

The Sandbox game was developed and released by game studio Pixowl in May 2012 and acquired by Animoca Brands in 2018. In this virtual world, gamers can create, own and monetize their gaming experiences using NFT and its utility token SAND. .

Like MATIC, the $ 5.34 billion market cap cryptocurrency SAND is also leading earnings and is up 15.700% this year.

The virtual world of Sandbox is also made up of LAND, which are the digital pieces of real estate, and players can purchase them to build more experiences on top of it.

Celebrities like rapper Snoop Dogg and brands like Adidas, Atari, and The Walking Dead have acquired LAND at The Sandbox. This has created “network effects” to drive others to join.

The team continues to work to enable LAND’s proprietary creators to create and share their interactive experiences.

Last month, the company finally opened its Alpha trial period after years of being in development to allow people to play in its metaverse. Those who bought an Alpha Pass NFT could access a greater number of games and earn token rewards, unlike those without a pass who can only try a few samples and also without any rewards.

Borget said the reaction to the initial Alpha test, which concluded on Dec. 20, was largely positive. The game had tens of thousands of players during the alpha test, and the number of LAND sole proprietors exceeded 17,000.

Sandbox now plans to launch similar trial periods every two months next year.

El Sandbox / USD SANDUSD

5.8217- $ 0.11-1.85%

Volume 1.45 b Change – $ 0.11 Open $ 5.8217 Circulation 919.5 m Market capitalization 5.35 b


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Sandbox is migrating to Ethereum Sidechain Polygon and launching a DAO in 2022

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