These were the 7 most expensive Ethereum NFTs of 2021

These were the 7 most expensive Ethereum NFTs of 2021

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It’s no secret that the phenomenon of NFTs is on the rise. Called by many as a way to invest, and others as the new form of scam, the truth is that since March the figures for which these tokens are sold are increasing.

Defined as a unique and unrepeatable cryptographic token, the NFTs have the property of being limited. These digital works, which can be presented in the form of images, videos, audios, among others, have their own space in the blockchain, usually of Ethereum.

That being said, how cryptontics compiled, these are the 7 NFTs with the highest value traded during the past year:

1- Everydays: The First 5000 Days


The most expensive token on the list. Sold for 42,329.453 ETH, which is equivalent to about 69.3 million dollars, it was the first NFT traded on the Christie’s platform. The collage, made over 5,000 days by artist Mike “Beeple” Winkelmann, was purchased by Vignesh “Metakovan” Sundaresan.

2- Human One


Another work by Beeple, this time in second place. This time the NFT is both a digital and a physical work, being a rectangular box with a screen per side in which an astronaut is seen on an unknown planet. The token was sold for $ 28.9 million through Christie’s.

3- CryptoPunk #7523


One of the portraits from the Cryptopunks saga, pixelated characters with different accessories. This NFT, from an alien punk (of which there are only 9), sold for $ 11.8 million through Sotheby’s to Shalom Meckenzie. To top it off, the Crpytopunks were distributed for free by their creators, so they didn’t get a penny.

4- CryptoPunk #3100


Another one of the Cryptopunks takes a place on the list of the most expensive NFTs. This time, the number 3100 sold for $ 7.58 million through Opensea. It is currently for sale for 131 million.

5- Crpytopunk #7804


It seems that Cryptopunk are quite popular, as this is the last to appear on the list of NFTs sold at the highest prices and takes the fifth place. This punk was sold for 7.57 million dollars.

6- Crossroad


Again, Beeple, the top two artist on the list makes an appearance. Crossroad is a short animation of a group of people walking in front of the giant body of a lying person. That person is said to be Donald Trump. The NFT was sold for $ 6.66 million.

7- Obras de Ross Ulbricht


Finally, on the list we find the works of Ross Ulbricht, creator of Silk Road, the most important black market of the deepweb. After being arrested in 2015 on various charges, several writings and 10 digitized works by Ulbricht in NFT format were auctioned for $ 6 million. The money was donated to the cause for the freedom of its author.

Undoubtedly a trend that still shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Only the future will tell us if it is a stable market or a speculative bubble.

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These were the 7 most expensive Ethereum NFTs of 2021

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