July 29, 2021

From journalism to the political arena, Audrey Pulvar in “Le Monde”

Mthreatened, on May 23, to be prosecuted by Gerald Darmanin, who accuses her of “Defame the police”, Audrey Pulvar, head of the socialist list for regional in Ile-de-France, was quick to counter-attack, announcing in turn her intention to file a complaint, before finally agreeing to a meeting with the Minister of interior. Audrey Pulvar, according to The world, is not the type to shy away from the debate. She loves the castagne, assumes cleavage postures.

It was January 9, 2004, on the occasion of the publication of his first novel, The Wood Child, that the daily evokes for the first time the one which, at the time, presents the regional newspaper of France 3 Marseille. The critic, Jean Soublin, sees “An uncommon vehemence and sincerity in this portrait of a young woman tortured … and torturer”. Of Martinican origin, Audrey Pulvar was 33 when the daily announced her arrival at the presentation of “Soir 3”. A media-historical moment.

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Daniel Psenny recalls in his article of September 7, 2004 that “Already in the 90s, France 2 had entrusted Rachid Arhab with the presentation of television news. If several journalists of African, Maghrebian and West Indian origin work in numerous editorial offices, this is the first time that a large terrestrial channel has entrusted an important newspaper to a woman of color ”.

A romance that costs dearly

On September 12, 2005, Guy Dutheil underlines that“A million additional viewers have joined the ’19-20′”, which she now presents. Four years later, Audrey Pulvar leaves to host the information section on i-Télé. “I would undoubtedly have stayed if I had obtained, as I wished, the post of correspondent of France 2 in Washington or the animation of a political program”, she admits to journalist Alain Constant.

Audrey Pulvar is then at the top of the popularity polls. But she will pay dearly for her romance with the socialist Arnaud Montebourg, revealed by the press people. To i-Télé, first. On November 24, 2010, one year after his arrival, “I-Télé suspends Audrey Pulvar, partner of Arnaud Montebourg, from the air”, announce Guy Dutheil and Daniel Psenny. ” The reason ? Saturday 20 November, the socialist deputy for Saône-et-Loire (…) declared himself a candidate for the presidential election within the framework of the primaries of the Socialist Party. “

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