July 25, 2021

In Algeria, a documentary produced by the army demonizes opponents and journalists

The time when the Algerian army pretended to stay away from “politics” seems long gone. It now occupies the screens of public television. Until broadcasting a documentary produced by him to demonize his opponents and journalists a little too critical for his taste.

“A fourth generation, informational war waged via the media by foreign powers whose design is a return of colonialism and a new occupation of the country” : cis the conflict which, if we are to believe the military, between the state and its “Enemies”. Either the opposition and the media.

“The seeds of destruction”

Entitled Who is targeting Algeria? The full truth, the documentary presents for 37 minutes the Hirak – the protest movement that the country has known for two years – as a movement infiltrated by terrorist organizations. The Kabyle separatists, the Islamist movement, French public television, France, Israel and Morocco are cited jumbled up as the instigators of the plot.

A set of forces that “Stir under the cover of the Hirak to plant the seeds of destruction”, affirms the report, embellished with a soundtrack with dramatic accords and images of Palestine, the Algerian war or terrorist attacks.

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In the fall of the curtain of this charge of incredible violence, punctuated by the opinions of two « experts » presented as researchers in international sciences – in fact the director of the Canal Algeria channel and an executive of the Ministry of the Interior – the credits are unpublished. Aired on the main public channel on May 17, Who is targeting Algeria? was produced by the Société Militaire de Production Audiovisuelle, an agency of the Ministry of Defense, and produced entirely by officers, from sound recording to editing.

Why did the Algerian army expose itself, without taking refuge behind a house production of government media? The day after the first broadcast, the Algerian High Security Council (HCS) classified the Islamists of the Rachad movement and the independence movements of the Movement for the Self-Determination of Kabylia (MAK) as “Terrorist organizations”.

France targeted

But if the first are indeed present in the Hirak, they are very far from being the majority there, the demonstrations gathering various currents of the opposition. As for the latter, they have never hidden their contempt for a protest movement that they consider too national and “Algerian”.

Whatever. The two groups, “Racist and hateful”, to which the foreign powers have entrusted the mission of destabilizing the country, have made certain capitals their rear base and recruitment, describes a voiceover. On the screen, parade the images of television sets TV5 Monde and France 24 and those of journalists of Algerian origin who work there or of Algerian opponents who have been invited.

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The figures of the Islamist movement or the MAK may have never been invited to speak on France 24 or TV5 Monde, the military producers are nevertheless targeting France. And this, even if Paris continues to spare Algiers since the election of Abdelmadjid Tebboune. Journalists of Algerian origin who work in the media of the former colonial power put on the habit of the traitor.

In Algeria itself, a journalist, Rabah Kareche, is in prison. A second, Kenza Khatto, was sentenced on May 25 at first instance to a one-year prison term. She was arrested while covering a demonstration in Algiers.

In two weeks, more than 2,000 demonstrators were arrested, of whom nearly a hundred were placed in police custody and around sixty under arrest warrant, according to the Algerian League for the Defense of Human Rights (LADDH) .