July 27, 2021

Insect invasion, rock surge, regressive frenzy: our cinema selection


This week, the cinema invests all genres (fantasy, comedy, drama, documentary), embarks here and elsewhere (Ireland, Mongolia, Sahara …), has fun with society and the family, takes it seriously. adolescence and its doubts, films the war, echoes noise, fury and silence. The films open their travel diaries, multiply the horizons, make the light vibrate as if to make people forget the past year.

“The Cloud”: the vampire locusts by Just Philippot

Before entering the greenhouse where Virginie (Suliane Brahim, resident of the Comédie-Française) raises her grasshoppers, a word to locate The Cloud, by Just Philippot, in the starry sky of genre films: from the outset, let us specify that this first feature film is unlike any other thriller, despite its assumed cousinhood with some monuments such as The birds (1963), by Alfred Hitchcock, insects echoing the overwhelming threat of gulls and crows. From the Sofilm genre laboratory, created in 2016 by Thierry Lounas, producer and co-founder of Capricci, The Cloud creates a suspense made in France, in the sense that the fantastic feeds on the most sadly banal reality of contemporary society.

At the start of XXIe century, filmmakers hardly need to invent a catastrophe: it is happening, slowly or with beating of wings. And if our eyes weren’t open yet, a movie ticket would be enough to open them, thanks to an intelligently sequenced dread. So, you have to run indoors, and this message is addressed to genre film addicts as well as to citizens keen on peasant, food, economic alternatives, and whatever else you want. Clarisse Fabre

“La Nurée”, French film by Just Philippot. With Suliane Brahim, Sofian Khammes, Marie Narbonne (1 h 41).

“Crock of Gold”: the rock epic of Shane MacGowan

Slumped in his wheelchair, the enfant terrible of Irish folk-punk, the singer of the Pogues, chuckles with a clear throat. Shane MacGowan, 63, may appear to us the body exhausted, exhausted by too much excess, he keeps the sharp mind of the guy who is not told. And of his life, he has not forgotten anything. His childhood in Ireland, his exile in England, alcohol and drugs, music, politics… He goes back in time without regrets, with an irascible character but with an intelligent, poetic and funny speech. He is a character on whom several films could be written. The one made by the British filmmaker Julien Temple (author of the documentaries Joe Strummer : The Future Is Unwritten, dedicated to the founder of the Clash; Obscenity and Fury, on the Sex Pistols), contains, by itself, a few.

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