July 29, 2021

Jair Bolsonaro’s driving force to seduce bikers

We had known him on foot, on horseback, by helicopter, on Jet-Ski and by boat. Now here is Jair Bolsonaro on a motorcycle. The President of Brazil multiplies the demonstrations on the back of a bike, leather jacket on the shoulders, taking the lead, through Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia and, on June 12, São Paulo, impressive processions bringing together thousands of bikers.

“On May 23, in Rio, we were almost 60,000! “, welcomes Waldir Ferraz, old friend of the Head of State, passionate biker and organizer of the said motorcycle (“Motorcycle demonstration”). Too bad if these figures are six to seven times higher than city hall estimates.

The column of bikers, wrapped in flags auriverde, winding for 33 kilometers along the beaches of the “wonderful city”, had something to impress. “None of this is overdone: Bolsonaro is a true motorcycle enthusiast! “, continues this former assistant to the president. The ex-army captain “Already had one at the military academy. And he continued when he entered politics. When he was an MP, we campaigned by distributing leaflets on motorcycles. It made it possible to avoid traffic jams! “, remembers Waldir Ferraz, with a hint of emotion.

Ill-fitting helmet

On the “motorcycle file”, at least, no one questions the president’s sincerity. Bolsonaro has a preference for mid-range, practical and off-road motorcycles in this area. In the past, it has been seen riding the mid-size BMW G 650 GS or the popular Honda CG (the best-selling model in Brazil). His latest acquisition, bought in front of the cameras at the end of 2019, was a Honda NC 750X: a blue crossover, “Adventurous in style”, at 38,000 reais (the equivalent of 6,000 euros), but on which the president says he has obtained a “reduction” of 10%.

In addition to public events, Jair Bolsonaro is also a fan of “mototherapy”. “He likes to escape on a motorbike, alone, to relax”, comments Waldir Ferraz. All to the chagrin of the security guards, who are trying by all means to prevent it. Tired of war, the Head of State often finds himself reduced to doing laps, alone at the handlebars of his engine, on the short 2-kilometer track of the presidential residence of Alvorada, in Brasilia. Maximum authorized speed: 20 km / h. A biker’s nightmare.

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