20,000 euros for chess world champion NFTs

20,000 euros for chess world champion NFTs

January 14, 2022:

At the beginning of the year, the Hamburg company dared ChessBase hit the trading floor with the first NFT collection of famous chess players OpenSea. Now the penny has literally dropped: A total of 14 digital works of art by selected chess legends achieved around 20,000 euros at the auction.

With a price tag of just under 1 ETH (currently around 2,855 euros), Bobby Fischer remains the most expensive world chess champion of the auction. Viswanathan Anand and Vladimir Kramnik are in second and third place.

“With this CHESS WORLD CHAMPIONS NFT Collection, we have broken new ground for ourselves and for the global chess community,” says Matthias Wüllenweber, Managing Director of ChessBase. “I can already say today that there will be more to come from us”.

Snoop Dogg’s bong builder releases NFTs

January 12, 2022:

The designer of bespoke bongs for Hollywood celebrities is now opting for non-fungible tokens. Like recently announced, would like Jerome Baker Designs immortalize his glass masterpieces as NFTs.

“At JBD, we passionately believe in the future of a blockchain and crypto-based digital art world and the ultimate democratization and distribution of authentic and protected digital assets,” stated Jason Harris, Founder and President of Jerome Baker Designs.

Along with the trading platform FDCTech the bong maker plans to launch the digital art pieces and associated physical products on the Ethereum blockchain. The NFTs are scheduled to go on sale in time for the February Superbowl.

JBD’s client base, meanwhile, is filled with celebrities from the entertainment industry. Rapper Snoop Dogg and actor George Clooney are among the glass manufacturer’s customers.

Rapper Nas sells royalties as NFTs

January 7, 2022:

New York rap legend Nas sells streaming royalties as LDAs (Limited Digital Assets) — polygon-based NFTs — through the platform Royal. The choices are “Ultra Black”, the first single from the 2021 Grammy Award-winning album King’s Disease, and “Rare” from the follow-up album King’s Disease II. The song rights are broken down into several tokens and in the Gold, Platinum categories and Diamant, with which buyers receive different percentages of the streaming license fees. The step does not come as a surprise. The creator of the 1994 hip-hop landmark “Illmatic” has previously invested in Royal operated. The sale starts on January 11th.

ChessBase auctions off legendary chess players as NFTs

January 4, 2022:

Chess enthusiasts with a penchant for crypto are currently emerging OpenSea on your costs. The German publisher of chess software, ChessBase, is auctioning off the official CHESS WORLD CHAMPIONS NFT Collection on the NFT marketplace. The NFTs depict the spearheads of the chess world, including Bobby Fischer, Anatoly Karpov and Viswanathan Anand, and moves from their immortal games. As a special treat, ChessBase added an NFT to Viktor Kortschnoj to the collection on January 4th added. Unforgotten is Korchnoy’s 32-game chess battle against Karpov at the 1978 World Championship, which he ultimately lost. His NFT is not for sale and will be raffled among all bidders after the auction closes on January 12th.

Eminem buys NFT for $450,000

January 3, 2022:

US rapper Eminem has continued to expand his NFT collection. Of the year secured the 49-year-old himself a copy of the much sought-after Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). “Slim Shady” put 123.45 ETH (at the time just under 450,000 US dollars) on the virtual counter. It is now the 15th NFT that Eminem can call his own.

BYAC member “GeeGazza” tweeted that he was over the moon about the Detroit rap legend’s purchase of the NFT.

In addition to Eminem, other US celebrities have previously secured their own BAYC copies. Among them, for example, NBA star Stephen Curry or talk show host Jimmy Fallon.

Disney brings Mickey Mouse as NFT

December 22, 2021:

At the end of October, Disney, together with the NFT marketplace VeVe, announced the launch of some Disney NFTs, which should contain characters from the company’s most popular franchises – BTC-ECHO reported. Also present, alongside Darth Vader, Elsa and the heroes from the Marvel films, were the oldest characters in the Disney universe: Mickey Mouse and Co.

Now the companies announce in a joint press release the drop of a new NFT collection entirely dedicated to Mickey Mouse – the Mickey Mouse NFT Collection. The collection includes three-dimensional black and white NFTs of the iconic character at the helm of a steamboat. Sometimes smiling, sometimes whistling, sometimes animated. The rarity of the NFTs is also given in this same order. From “Common” to “Uncommon” to “Ultra Rare”. The trick: before you buy it, you don’t know what level of rarity you’re going to get.

The Third Division now also has NFTs

December 17, 2021:

After the official license partner of the DFB had launched the digital collector’s items for the national team, FANZONE has now expanded the NFT offer to the third league. A press release states that a penalty game is even planned for Christmas, in which you can compete against each other with the NFT cards you have collected.

You can buy seven NFTs from players from all third division teams at FANZONE for less than 5 euros. The drop happens in two stages. While the first trading cards appeared in mid-December, the next batch is planned for January 2022.

Dirk Weyel, Managing Director of FANZONE Media, explained that the main focus was on “new possibilities for digital fan activation” and that the company “gives the fans the chance [möchte], even closer to her
to get close to favorite clubs and players”.

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20,000 euros for chess world champion NFTs

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