BitMEX Airdrop 1. Februar 2022

A lot can be said about the Bitcoin exchanges. But one thing is certain: the in-house tokens that issued the exchanges almost all performed better than Bitcoin itself. Or in other words, anyone who believed in exchanges like KuCoin, Bitpanda and Binance could earn good money with their tokens. And now it’s getting really exciting: On February 1, 2022, BitMEX, one of the most famous Bitcoin exchanges, will issue its own token. BitMEX tokens are available for free in an airdrop. How this works is explained later in this article. Here is BitMEX’s announcement:

Exchange token refers to the token that the Bitcoin exchanges themselves issue. The exchanges often give these tokens one or the other feature. Those who have Bitpanda tokens earn interest and those who hold KuCoin Shares can earn money from the fees charged by the exchange. And mostly you can also use these tokens to pay your own trading fees. What exactly the BitMEX token can do is still open.

How are BitMEX tokens available?

Very easily. The tokens are distributed in 2 phases. In a first step, so-called airdrop tokens are distributed to all verified customers. Everyone who registers receives 5 BitMEX tokens for free plus 10 US dollars. Anyone can earn wider tokens by inviting friends. As already mentioned a few times: It can be worthwhile to have one or the other account with real Bitcoin exchanges.

In a second step, sometime in spring 2022, token trading will then be activated for BitMEX customers. BitMEX writes to the users:

BitMEX Token in 2022: We Wanted You to Be the First to Know

For more details, please visit this page.

The BitMEX token (official symbol: BMEX) will launch in early 2022. As loyal BitMEX users, we wanted you to be the first to know. You’ll also be among the first to be eligible to receive BMEX airdrops.

We’ve designed a two-phase launch to ensure that the first to receive BMEX will be loyal BitMEX users and new joiners. This contrasts with other token launches which typically reserve early rounds for private investors, not everyday users. We’re proudly taking a different approach – here’s how it will work.

Phase 1 – Airdropping Millions of BMEX Tokens to Our New and Existing Users

The first phase starts now. This is an airdrop phase, and the rules are simple:

Trade with BitMEX: From now until the end of March, you’ll be airdropped BMEX according to your trading volume. Earn up to 25% of your monthly trading fees in BMEX. The more you trade, the more BMEX you’ll be eligible for – airdrops are capped at 50,000 BMEX per user, per month.
Sign up for a BitMEX account: Create a BitMEX account and complete KYC to receive 5 BMEX and 10 USDT (limited to the first 50,000 new users, so hurry!)
Refer 3 friends: All users, whether new or existing, will be rewarded with BMEX for referring new users to the platform. If you refer 3 new users who complete KYC, you’ll receive 15 BMEX as the referrer.

BMEX tokens will start to be airdropped on 1 February and BMEX will not be withdrawable until the beginning of the second phase. More contests, giveaways, and airdrops will occur throughout the first phase, giving our users many chances to accrue as many BMEX tokens as possible – so stay tuned.

Phase 2 – Token Trading Launches in Tandem with BitMEX Spot

The second phase, coinciding with the launch of BitMEX Spot in early Q2, will see BMEX become tradeable on BitMEX. Users will be able to buy, sell, withdraw, and deposit the token. Token utilities like trading fee discounts, enhanced yield on EARN, BitMEX Academy perks, and swag privileges will also start to go live.

The Bottom Line

Today marks a new chapter for us and our users. This is your chance to own and accrue as much BMEX as possible before trading goes live in early Q2.

The future is bright for BMEX holders, with BitMEX moving beyond derivatives and toward an expanded offering including Spot, Brokerage, Custody, Information Products, and Academy.

We’re ready – how about you? Learn more about BMEX here, and stay tuned for more details including the whitepaper, dropping early next year.

In a so-called airdrop, BitMEX distributes 5 tokens free of charge to all verified users. An interesting option for people who believe in the future of this exchange.

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BitMEX Airdrop 1. Februar 2022

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