Crypto? Why, surely! The complete ledger solution

Keeping Bitcoin safe is one of the most important tasks for all crypto fans. Ledger delivers the perfect combination of software and hardware, while the wallet provider combines security and convenience.

Bitcoin came about to give people more power over their capital. The cryptocurrency is a decentralized system that works without intermediaries. There are no banks and states that can control the cryptocurrency. This also applies to the storage of valuable coins. If you have control over your private keys, you also have control over your Bitcoin.

In practice, however, this control is not always given: There are many exchanges and brokers that do not issue the keys, and users are forced to transfer their coins to an external wallet. If you want to rely on security here, but don’t want to forego a certain level of comfort, offers Ledger the perfect solution.

Bitcoin storage: all-in-one solution with Ledger Wallets

For example, if you buy your Bitcoins or other crypto currencies from online exchanges, it is usually quite easy: Register, deposit money, buy coins. But in doing so, users are also swapping personal responsibility for convenience. Because the coins are mainly stored in online wallets that are managed by the exchanges. If, for example, cyber attacks lead to security problems, the coins can be lost. And the hodlers can hardly do anything to get their Bitcoin back. Because the following applies: Not your Keys, not your Coins!

For all those who want to keep control of their keys, we recommend the complete wallet solution from Ledger. Depending on the version in Ledger Nano S or Ledger Nano X, it combines a hardware wallet with a convenient user interface: Ledger Live. Of course, you can not only store bitcoins on it – Ledger supports over 1,800 different crypto currencies.

Safety is paramount

Ledger Live offers – depending on your preference as a desktop app or smartphone app – an overview of your own coins, including the current price development and the development of the portfolio.

The private keys are stored separately on the associated hardware wallet. This is provided with a security chip that corresponds to military standards – it couldn’t be more secure. In fact, Ledger’s complete solution has already been recognized by the French Independent Security Agency.

If you want to receive or send crypto currencies like Bitcoin, you have to connect the hardware wallet to Ledger Live. The wallet is in turn secured with a pin of your choice, Ledger Live with a password of your choice. So you have security on both sides. When setting up the ledger, you also get a unique combination of 24 words to write down. With this passphrase you have access to your wallet at any time, even if the hardware wallet or access to Ledger Live should be lost.

So creates Ledger the balancing act between security and comfort. On the one hand an easy-to-open software, on the other hand well-secured keys. If you then want to sell your coins, you simply connect your hardware wallet and enter the pin of your choice. Then you just have to confirm the address and you can send or receive coins. This means that the coins only exist on the blockchain – nobody else but you has access to them!

Storing Bitcoin Safely With Ledger: The Benefits

However, the advantages of having Bitcoin Ledger keep, don’t end with the safety issues. Because the Ledger Live interface also offers users the opportunity to buy, sell, manage and swap their coins.

Those who choose the Ledger Nano S are choosing the most popular Ledger product – so far, over two million satisfied customers have chosen it. It’s perfect for beginners and easy to use. It also offers the option of installing up to six apps at the same time. This means that you can stow the keys of up to six crypto currencies. The user interface of the hardware wallet is small but nice. On 128 × 32 pixels you can always see which cryptocurrency you are currently using.

Those who would like something more extensive can opt for the Ledger Nano X, the version for professionals. The Ledger Nano X shines above all with its ease of use and the ability to connect your mobile phone via Bluetooth. It also has a larger screen at 128 × 64, which makes it easier to use. The capacity of the Ledger Nano X is also much larger. If you want, you can save up to 100 crypto apps here, depending on the size of the apps.

Of course, the X version of the hardware wallet also has industry-leading security technology like all Ledger products. In addition, the Ledger Nano X recently also lets you manage NFTs! Also perfect for on the go: the Ledger Nano X has a battery with which you can keep it in standby mode for 8 hours.

Conclusion: industry-leading security technology with a feel-good factor

If you are looking for a secure yet comfortable solution to store Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano and many other cryptocurrencies, you can’t go wrong with Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X. So cares Ledger Live on the one hand for the necessary convenience, easy access and a pleasant overview of your own assets. On the other hand, the supplied hardware wallet provides the necessary, industry-leading security technology. Ultimately, only the decision between the S and the X version remains open – for safe storage of Bitcoin & Co.!

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Crypto? Why, surely! The complete ledger solution

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