Five crypto and bitcoin gift ideas

Christmas is coming soon. If you don’t have any gifts for your loved ones yet, we will give you a few ideas in this article.

When the air smells of freshly roasted almonds and on the radio Last Christmas running up and down, you know what festivities are coming up again. With the holiday, however, the same question arises again and again: What should I give my loved ones? If one or the other crypto enthusiast is part of your family or circle of friends, maybe you just want to give yourself presents or you want to familiarize someone with the crypto space, here are five suitable gift ideas.


Non-fungible tokens experienced a real hype this year – also beyond the crypto space. Whether it’s works of art, trading cards or the CryptoKitties were, the unique tokens shot through the roof. So why not let your loved ones participate in the trend? Via the trading platform OpenSea there is a wealth of options available to buy for all budgets.

You can also use your own NFTs mintento give your gift a personal touch. Simply select a picture you like and upload it. If you create the NFT via polygon, you even save the fees. Then simply send your gift to the appropriate wallet, and you will certainly have put a smile on the face of your loved one.


Bitcoin is still on the rise. The adoption of the mother of all cryptocurrencies is increasing worldwide. Do you understand the crypto vision behind the digital store of value and want to convince your loved ones of the advantages, but don’t know how? Then the new book by Michael Caras is a great gift idea for Christmas. In “Bitcoin money: A story about the discovery of good money in Bitdorf the author describes the advantages of crypto currency using a short story. Due to the simple reading, the book is suitable for all age groups.

BitBox Christmas Special

Maybe your loved ones are already familiar with the crypto space or you want to give yourself gifts? Then be that to you BitBox Christmas Special recommended. The package is available in Shop of the Swiss wallet manufacturer Shift Crypto and includes a BitBox02 hardware wallet, a gift card where you can send your individual Christmas greetings and a beginner’s book about Bitcoin (in English).

So before you decide on the Christmas Special, you should make sure that the addressee: Can speak in English – or you just keep the book.

BTC-ECHO gift voucher

In times when the crypto space continues to prosper, as a crypto expert you will likely hear questions from your family and friends whether it is worth getting started. Now Christmas is just around the corner, which gives you the opportunity to train your loved ones in this regard. Just give them a BTC-ECHO gift voucher for the Kryptokompass.

You can either set the greeting card from ready-made designs or you can simply design the voucher according to your wishes. Then select the amount you want to give away. Would you prefer a single issue, an annual subscription for the digital version or an annual subscription for digital and print? The choice is yours. With the last two options, we put a 24-carat gold-plated Bitcoin coin on top.

Multicolor LED Krypto Lampen

Are your loved ones already full of crypto fever? Maybe a little something is worthwhile – for example in the form of a multicolor LED lamp in a crypto design. If Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or IOTA, the choice is huge. The favorite coin of your loved one is sure to be included. The price range is between 15 and 24 euros.

At this point we wish you a lot of fun choosing the gifts. Have a peaceful Christmas season and start the New Year well – it will certainly be exciting again in the crypto space!


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Five crypto and bitcoin gift ideas

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