Longest Bitcoin vanity address now available as NFT

Bitcoin vanity addresses form a market niche that is slowly being conquered. Now the longest vanity in the world including a collection of 1001 Bitcoin vanity addresses is available as NFT. This is made possible by the Banity collection from DECOM.

Bitcoin vanity addresses have a decisive advantage over conventional BTC addresses. In contrast to the standard alphabet salad with Bitcoin addresses, they start with a word that everyone can remember.

The longest of these Bitcoin vanity addresses so far is called “1EMBARraSSABLezwXrdWu1dDAVMMdJ7Ci2 ″ and with its 13 letters already belongs to the “Rare Address Hall of Fame” from bitcointalk.org. But recently another address has made it into this Hall of Fame: “1PReGnaNcyTabsWBAky3sdWcBcTMDhRRgV ”.

And the latter is now also available for purchase. Because it will be available to investors as one of 1001 vanity addresses from December 17th, thanks to a campaign by the Swiss crypto asset management company DECOM.

DECOM has with “Banity”Create a 1001-piece NFT collection. Each of these NFTs contains a bitcoin vanity address. Each of these has at least 8 letters which, if lined up, make up a word. Also included: Memorable addresses like “1cyPHeRPunkSeS1dkVnXtZJfKcwmXjqxY ”or“ 1ELoNMUsKgRrf5eTneidXmif2wyEcSrY7i ”.

It is not for nothing that Decom calls the addresses the “diamonds of the blockchain”. Their unique composition of letters alone makes them valuable collector’s items. The associated minting event attaches great importance to fair distribution. So none of the investors know which “Banity” he or she will get afterwards.

Bitcoin vanity addresses from Decom

Bitcoin Vanity Addresses: Unique Collectibles

All Bitcoin fans who have once created a wallet are aware of the problems that the addresses bring with them. The process should be known: Anyone who creates a crypto wallet automatically receives a wallet address.

This consists of 34 alphanumeric characters, i.e. small and capital letters, mixed with numbers. These characters then result in the crypto wallet. The problem? Memorizing such an arbitrary combination of letters and numbers can be very difficult. The classic bitcoin letter salad is unique, but not catchy. The advantage of vanity Bitcoin addresses quickly becomes apparent. Because each comes with a unique combination of letters that make meaningful words. And they are easier to remember.

Merging these addresses with NFT tokens only seems logical. In this way, buyers can always be sure that they are purchasing a unique Bitcoin vanity address. Anyone who purchases such a Banity NFT, of course, also receives the right to the associated private key. This right comes in the form of a token that is redeemable. The owner only gets to see the private key as soon as the token is redeemed.

Proof of ownership and the authenticity of each banity is recorded on the blockchain. The data is stored there forever – every Banity is forgery-proof!

Anyone who decides to resell their Banity later can do so – however, he or she should then also pass on the right to the private key. This right is transferred in token form and burned as soon as someone claims the private key.

Bitcoin vanity addresses: an algorithm makes it possible

One may legitimately ask: How does Decom get these unique Bitcoin vanity addresses? After all, crypto addresses are always generated purely randomly. It is not possible to influence it or even ask for an address.

The simple answer is: Decom had new addresses created until it found the desired Bitcoin vanity addresses. Of course, the people behind the Banity project didn’t do this manually. Rather, they used a brute force algorithm. This creates new addresses until a vanity address is included.

It can take a while. The longer the vanity afterwards, the more possible combinations of letters and numbers the algorithm has to try. This is what makes the Bitcoin vanity addresses so valuable: There is a lot of work behind them. Statistically speaking, getting such addresses without the work of Decom is next to impossible. The calculated probability of getting a particularly rare vanity address is over a thousand years.

That is why it is worth investing in Banity

who in Banity invests, buys a bitcoin vanity address. This address can be resold without endangering the information about the associated private key. Usually, investors prefer flashy and long addresses that are not only difficult to create but also easy to remember. They are true in their uniqueness Eye Catcher. Buying a vanity address is seen as an investment opportunity for all investors who want to invest in rare crypto addresses. Long before everyone else does!

Another advantage lies in the fact that the vanity addresses can be traded and yet do not reveal anything about the private keys. A Banity won’t just create a unique wallet. It will also help you find a specific Bitcoin address among many others in your wallet.

During this process, DECOM guarantees that it will keep the private keys safe. However, as soon as someone receives the token or the NFT, DECOM deletes the associated information. After the private key token has been redeemed, it can no longer be traded – it will be burned. Before this token burn, nobody has access to the private key.

With this combination of NFT and Bitcoin vanity addresses, DECOM creates a complete crypto solution that simplifies access to the realm of crypto currencies – for both private and institutional investors.

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Longest Bitcoin vanity address now available as NFT

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