What is Litecoin and what is special about it?

Little by little, cryptocurrencies are beginning to stop being a novelty. The boom of Bitcoin and the consequent of many other virtual currencies has managed to place on the map some of those that have already been present for years but, until now, had remained out of the massive focus of eyes. One of them is the Litecoin, another one that, unsurprisingly, has started to increase in value in the last weeks.

Litecoin is a blockchain-based currency created by Charlie Lee in 2011 and that, in general, bears a lot of resemblance to Bitcoin, in the same way as many other currencies that exist today. Historically, Litecoin has been a currency that has moved at negligible prices since its inception, not having been until this last month when its valuation has begun to rise to levels that have managed to place its name on the radar of investors.

What is blockchain technology and why is it so important?

If we speak in figures, this rise translates into an increase close to 350 percent in the last 30 days. The value of each coin is also located above $ 300, with a market capitalization that is already around $ 18 billion and ranks Litecoin among the top five cryptocurrencies globally, along with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash (recently added to Coinbase), and Ripple.

What’s so special about it?

Just as Ethereum has a quite attractive profile and characteristics compared to Bitcoin, Litecoin does not have a very significant differentiation that allows this currency to be valued in a particularly special way. It is necessary to point out, however, that the speed of the transactions carried out is notably higher, making operations with it easier. This serves the original idea of ​​creating a lighter and more abundant currency that would be to Bitcoin what silver is to gold.

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What is Litecoin and what is special about it?

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