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Seraphis is an abstraction that defines rules on how to design a real privacy-centric transaction protocol without specifying concrete algorithms. It is one of the candidates for the upcoming Monero transaction protocol model (XMR / USD), wrote Monero on his blog.

Basic rules of privacy-focused transaction protocols

The two basic rules involve representing quantity and building key images as link tags. According to the post, Triptych is a fourth-generation privacy-focused transaction protocol with a new key image construction that enables ‘one of many tests’. They work much better for large reference sets than can be achieved with CryptoNote / RingCT style key images.

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Like Triptych, Seraphis is a fourth generation privacy-focused transaction protocol, defining a new key image construct that enables efficient testing of one of many. The similarities end there.

Triptych vs. Seraphis

Seraphis Pros

  • Simple multi-signatures
  • Proof of membership delegation is possible without filtering users’ private keys
  • Download the membership proof build to a third party
  • Transaction chaining (required for full-featured atomic swaps)
  • Ignore the 10 block lock time when transacting with a trusted party
  • Read-only wallet that can see spent exits
  • Flexible multi-level address schemes
  • Read-only wallet that can detect Janus attacks
  • Modular core design


  • Does not support CryptoNote user addresses

Pros de Triptych

  • Compatible with CryptoNote user addresses


  • Multigir is much more difficult with Triptych-style key images

Lelantus-Spark vs. Seraphis

Lelantus-Spark is a transaction protocol, but not an abstraction. It’s like Triptych in that sense. It also has the same advantages and disadvantages as its analogues. Generally, it developed independently of Seraphis.

The creators of Lelantus-Spark turned their attention to the appropriate design details for the Firo cryptocurrency. On the other hand, the design recommendations of the creators of Seraphis have focused on details appropriate for a cryptocurrency that currently uses standard RingCT, such as Monero.

Last day to request the MAGIC Monero Fund

In related news, today is the last day to run to be a voter or committee member of the MAGIC Monero Fund. according to a Reddit thread. MAGIC Monero Fund voters help by selecting the MAGIC Monero Fund advisory committee. This committee makes important decisions about investments and grants to support the Monero ecosystem, Invezz learned from the thread.

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Monero adopts Seraphis, a protocol focused on privacy | Invezz

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