“Monero”, artist, goodbye (Video)

It saddens the early death of certain beings that we have not even known personally. There is a current of sympathy, a tacit understanding and understanding on social and political issues based on an essential humanism; in addition to sharing circumstances and generational interests. So it happens with Antonio Helguera (1965-2021), the cartoonist, the “monero” who from a very young age was participating with his artistic quality in the political criticism of the corrupt neoliberal regime of the PRI and the PAN, the Prian, and at the same time struggling to achieve a government that would promote a democratic and peaceful country. Literally a life struggle in your case.

There is something in this time of pandemic that I have thought of as the Tragic Empire of Covid, in which tens of thousands have died from the disease but also many others in an unusual way such as “collateral damage” or the effect of that pandemic atmosphere that has modified the “normality” of existence. Formally, they have not died from the virus (there is still no knowledge of this type of collateral damage), but too many – including many famous people – have died from various causes in the course of just over a year. We live another “normality” and, in it, surprising, unexpected events, loaded with drama, have happened and do happen.

Helguera , as the artist signed, he studied at the National School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving, “La Esmeralda” and soon began to collaborate, since 1983, in various print media. Prominently in The Day, where he would obtain national recognition and prestige and in which he joined other “moneros” already famous in Mexico such as Rapé, El Fisgón and Hernández. He recently participated in the public television program, “El Chamuco TV”, a kind of extension of the magazine The chamuco where he collaborated precisely with the cartoonists grouped in the newspaper that has been consistent in his left affiliation.

Helguera he won the National Journalism Prize twice, in 1996 and 2004, among other recognitions; He also leaves the product of his work in journalism, some books and television programs, one of which he watched the day before his death.

Part of the empathy, sympathy and tacit understanding of social and political issues comes from the temporal, generational coincidence. Helguera , born in 1965 and having started in journalism since the age of 18, is part of the generation that in Mexico City demonstrated in 1986 against the policies of the federal government at that time towards the National Autonomous University of Mexico, expressed in the document Strength and Weakness of the UNAM, of the rector Jorge Carpizo. The generation that in 1988 voted for the first time for a figure of the apparent left and that accompanied him against the electoral fraud of that time, Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas. He was also enthusiastic about the emergence of the EZLN in 1994, a body of which he would later become disillusioned by his course by calling for a vote against the electoral left, thus de facto benefiting the PRIAN. Generation that enjoyed the first great triumph of the left in Mexico City in 1997 with Cárdenas as head of government, the same that would also disappoint in 2000 when it was not able to face the fraud of democracy that Vicente Fox resulted, the “ alternation ”so celebrated by the alleged opposition.

However, in 2000 that generation of Helguera would see consolidate and support a leader who had been fighting for just over 10 years ago, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who won the head of government at the time. This generation and the elders and minors “tied” their political sympathy to this character and marched with him in the lawlessness process in 2005, they attended and suffered the fraud of 2006 and its dire consequences, they experienced the purchase of the vote, the full understanding of the PAN and the PRI with its return to presidential power in 2012. And finally, the great victory of July 2018, which was the arrival to power, around the figure of López Obrador, of a government that seeks better democratic conditions and life for Mexicans; the fight against corruption and the end of impunity.

Helguera symbolizes the generation of the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st; unfortunately he died early, when there was much to do in the future to develop and perhaps consolidate democracy in Mexico.

López Obrador has perhaps been rightly criticized for posting an immediate tweet after learning of Helguera’s death, because although he felt sympathy and affection for him, he lives in a condition of violence and tragedy in the country that would also merit an empathetic message from the president on those other matters and their victims; surely the first to approve that criticism would be Helguera . The “monero” has also been questioned for having stopped being critical of the government, as it was before PRIAN. The cartoonist affirmed at the time that he had not stopped criticizing power, since this is not only held by the government, but also by the economic power and the interests behind the opposition that lies and manipulates in order to return to the corrupt regime that he and his generation they have fought.

I quote below the position of Helguera , his words about the current government. It coincides with a thesis that I have developed for myself as of December 2018, that of critical support and critical support:

“I have no qualms about saying that I am an absolute sympathizer of the López Obrador government… Every now and then they come out with the blow that I no longer criticize the government. Let’s see, man, why am I going to criticize a government with which I agree? If they screw it up, then yes, like yesterday. If they open The Day Today you will see my cardboard where I do criticize … When there is shit, I criticize it. But I am not going to start attacking a government that I waited all my life like a fool ”.

And yes, in that full vital process, of social and political criticism and art, its existence left early, when it would undoubtedly contribute to a better society, a better country; his work remains. Goodbye, “Monero”, artist Helguera.

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“Monero”, artist, goodbye (Video)

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