“Small mediocre, continues to collect the crumbs”: Rafael Pérez Gay attacked the monero José Hernández

Rafael Pérez Gay highlighted that Monero Hernández’s comments were in bad taste (Photo: @monerohernandez / María José Martínez – Cuartoscuro)

After a publication by the writer Ángeles Mastretta, the journalist, Rafael Pérez Gay, starred in a dispute on Twitter with the monero José Hernández, who responded to the writer about a criticism she made of the current federal government.

“I never answer government-paid couriers, but this time I will make an exception. @monerohernandez: Small mediocre in bad taste, he continues to collect the crumbs that Carmen Lira throws at you so that you can pick them up with your pick ”, Pérez Gay pointed out.

The journalist’s displeasure arose after the monero Hernández made a sarcastic comment on a publication in which Mastretta criticized the Banco del Bienestar.

“What a fright! Money and bad taste. Worse impossible ”, mentioned the writer and added a photograph of the bank.

This led to José Hernández will indirectly mock Aguilar Camín -wife of the writer-, Well, he tweeted: “But you married him, or what are we talking about?”

Journalist Pérez Gay responded to Monero Hernández's comments (Photo: @magamastretta)
Journalist Pérez Gay responded to Monero Hernández’s comments (Photo: @magamastretta)

Before the commotion, the reactions of Internet users began to flood the network and Ángeles Mastretta replied to the monero, highlighting that she was referring to the bad appearance of the building.

“We are talking about the green glass building that I criticized at a bad time, because you can no longer disagree with the buildings,” he said.

Faced with the controversy, users reacted in various ways. Some criticized Pérez Gay’s annoyance and deepened that he had lost credibility over the years due to their political positions.

“So well that I liked you, when you wrote your column of stories from your childhood and youth in the universal. Of the traumas that his father caused him. But since he became a PRIAN gunman, on López Dóriga’s debate program, I lost your credibility and you became unbearable, ”wrote a Twitter user.

Likewise, other people lashed out at Mastretta’s response to the monero and stressed that the purpose of the building was to be more useful than aesthetic.

“No it can not be done. It is also a practical and functional building, it does not need to be a pretty place. And little by little the other banks have branches worthy of appearing on magazine covers ”, questioned a tweeter.

Ángeles Mastretta criticized the Banco del Bienestar building (Photo: @magamastretta)
Ángeles Mastretta criticized the Banco del Bienestar building (Photo: @magamastretta)

Among the opinions found, the detractors of José Hernández also appeared, as they branded him as a person who was on the side of the economic interests of others.

“You got the wrong woman, @monerohernandez, the lady is a lady, prepared, appreciated and respected, You are a vulgar and miserable clown, who obeys economic interests, make no mistake, you are a nefarious, rude and ordinary guy, in short, you are a mess”Added @acastagne.

It should be remembered that José Hernández is one of the main moneros in favor of the government of the current president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and his cartoons usually appear in media such as The Day and the chamuco. In this sense, its content is often criticized for not speaking ill of the current administration.

While the journalist Héctor Aguilar Carmín is an opponent of the Morenoist party, which recently became a trend in social networks due to its controversial opinion regarding the recently approved vacuna Sputnik V.

In his opinion column published in the newspaper Millennium, which he titled “The Russian Vaccine, 2”, took up the antigen phase three results, which were published by the journal of medicine The Lancet. They indicate that more data and research are needed to confirm the results in people of “non-white ethnicities”.

For his part, Rafael Pérez Gay is a journalist who studied French Letters at UNAM and has collaborated in media such as La Jornada, Nexos, Culture in Mexico Always !, Unomásuno, among others.


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“Small mediocre, continues to collect the crumbs”: Rafael Pérez Gay attacked the monero José Hernández

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