July 25, 2021

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Nothing New This Week: An Adaptation Of The Endless Stephen King, A Quasi-Remake Of Sex and the City, the conclusion of a sitcom due to a master of the classic form of the genre. But it’s all in the way: the horrific story has been entrusted to Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larrain, young New Yorkers live in Harlem and the hassles faced by Chuck Lorre’s puppets are those that afflict the over 70s.

“Lisey’s Story”: Stephen King adapts his novel into a mini-series

Adaptation of the eponymous novel released in 2006 in the United States, Lisey’s story is the third collaboration between JJ Abrams and Stephen King, and Abrams’ first production for the Apple TV + platform, which has surprised since its launch by the high level of its serial proposals. It has a prestigious cast and a budget commensurate with the means necessary for the luxurious staging of the American writer’s usual obsessions – childhood, literary creation, the transmission of evil.

On breathtakingly beautiful sets highlighted by the master of chiaroscuro Darius Khondji, the Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larrain films the mourning of Lisey (Julianne Moore), wife of a tormented writer with phenomenal success (Clive Owen), dead in enigmatic circumstances and whose ghost lingers near her to reveal her last secrets. This miniseries with cinematographic ambition has the faults of the novel which inspired it: the first perfectly mastered episodes, full of signs and terrifying, succeeds a too long resolution, which wiggles between genres (thriller? Romance? Fantastic? ) and drowns in its own complexity. And the great formal beauty of the worlds that Lisey navigates between throughout the eight episodes isn’t quite enough to make up for the rough performance of actors who seem to be wondering what they’ve come to play. Audrey Fournier

Lisey’s story, series created by Stephen King and JJ Abrams. With Julianne Moore, Clive Owen, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Joan Allen, Dane DeHaan (EU, 2021, 8 x 52 min). One episode every Friday on Apple TV + starting June 4.

« Run the World » : un « Sex and the City » à Harlem

That is four women in New York. Unlike their elders of Sex and the City and Girls, the four in their thirties are black and live in Harlem. As the title of the series written by former journalist Leigh Davenport suggests, a nod to the anthem girl power sung by Beyoncé in 2011, these women are among the queen bees. Trendy journalist, doctoral student, banker… They are nonetheless aware of the sacrifices to be made to obtain what they want: the job of their dream or the man they covet. There is no question of denying the pleasure: Renee, Whitney, Sondi and Ella often and loudly party, flirt without shame and stick together in case of stupidity. Atmosphere Carrie Bradshaw rather than Hannah Horvath so we are here above all for fun.

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