July 25, 2021

Philosophy 2021: do you have the level?

Who said “We are not born a woman, we become it” ? What is Descartes’ source of inspiration? What is the name of Montaigne’s most famous work? While candidates for the 2021 bac will work on the philosophy test on Thursday, June 17, here are eight questions to get to know the authors on the program better.

Are you stuck on a question? Does an answer leave you hungry? Each has a Memorable lesson. This general knowledge application, designed by journalists from World, was created to help you deepen your knowledge in many areas, to better understand the challenges of our time and to stimulate your memory in a pleasant and effective way. Each lesson, devoted to a given theme, offers extracts from articles taken from our archives since 1944, infographics or videos, followed by questions. It’s up to you to answer them, before taking advantage of immediate and personalized corrections, in-depth articles, then revisions.

Before broadening your general knowledge with Mémorable, here is our test:

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Discover Mémorable, the general culture application of the “World”

What if the pleasure of this particular effort of finding a date, a place, a name, an event, the title of a film, that of a book returned? The satisfaction of learning, of memorizing, of understanding. The world has thought of you with its Memorable application. The idea is simple: on your smartphone, your tablet or your computer, we offer you a daily, thematic lesson, with a series of questions, extracts from articles taken from our archives since 1944, photos, videos. Ten minutes a day to read and exercise your memory by answering our questions then discovering our corrections, immediate, personalized, followed by articles to deepen. You can then revise, depending on your results and … your desires.

You can test for free Memorable, without engagement. The service will then require a subscription.

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