July 30, 2021

Reporters Without Borders wins signed works

“We have entered a decisive decade for journalism, due to the multiple crises that affect it, says Christophe Deloire, Secretary General of Reporters Without Borders (RSF). 2020 has been a particularly trying year for press freedom. However, journalists have played an important role in this context of the global health crisis. ”

The NGO therefore decided to organize a “Solidarity raffle, to raise the necessary funds for the defense of those who fight to inform us everywhere in the world, often at the risk of their lives”, explains Mr. Deloire. He pursues : “It is a fundraising lever allowing our cause to shine by reaching a wider public. “

From an original signed print of The Girl with the Flower, seized in 1967 in Washington by Marc Riboud, to a lithograph signed by the painter Robert Combas, through one of the greatest books of photographs by the famous Henri Cartier-Bresson: this raffle is accessible to all, with a minimum stake of 5 euros per work. Professionals, amateurs, collectors and friends of photography can try their luck, until Tuesday, June 29, on the Karmadon site (the draw will take place on Wednesday, June 30).

Christophe Deloire comments on a selection.

Images on the run, monograph of the best of the work of Henri Cartier-Bresson

“Images à la sauvette”, monograph of the best of Henri Cartier-Bresson's work, with an original cover by Matisse.

“For Robert Capa, Images à la Sauvette, published in 1952 by Henri Cartier-Bresson and publisher Verve, is the “photographer’s bible”. Served by an original overture by Matisse, the book establishes a new text-image relationship. This is the birth certificate of the photo book as we know it today. “

Images on the run, 126 photographs, 158 pages. The edition is a facsimile of the original work, plus a study by Clément Chéroux.

The emperor penguin in the blue, by Laurent Ballesta, French naturalist photographer

“The Emperor Penguin in the Blue”, Terre Adélie, Antarctica, 2015.

“With thirty-three years of diving in the fins, the naturalist photographer Laurent Ballesta collects records and praise. Here, in the icy waters of Adélie Land, this sea lover immortalizes the grace of the emperor penguin. “

The Girl with the Flower, by Marc Riboud, French photographer

“This image, taken by Marc Riboud during a peaceful demonstration against the Vietnam War in 1967, is still today the most perfect icon of peace and non-violence. In front of the rows of bayonets, a young woman with a flower in her hands stands alone as a bulwark against the barbarism of men, like the possibility of another world. “

Christ’s Hospital School, by Martin Parr, British photographer, member of the Magnum Photos photographic cooperative since 1994

« Christ’s Hospital School », West Sussex, Angleterre, 2010.

“What could be more English than a photograph of a cup of tea by the damn Martin Parr, an inspired and caustic revealer of the wrongs of our consumer society. A unique look at modern man. “

Breath of freedom, de Reza, French photojournalist of Iranian origin, exiled in France since 1981

“Breath of freedom”, Turkmenistan, 1997.

“From the ravages of war and the disarray of men sometimes emerges beauty, the spirit of freedom, the purity of movement. It is all the strength of the humanist photographer Reza, who offers us here a moving image. “

Boy playing, by Sabine Weiss, photographer of Swiss naturalized French origin

“No other photographer than Sabine Weiss has captured children’s smiles so well. Through the sensitive eye of the artist, it is all the sweetness and innocence of childhood that pierces us. “

Arctic wolf, by Vincent Munier, French wildlife photographer

“Arctic wolf”, Ellesmere Island, Nunavut, Canada, 2013.

“On the lookout, patiently, relentlessly, Vincent Munier awaits the decisive moment. The one that reveals all the beauty and the power of the white wolf, whose powerful muscles stand out against an immaculate horizon. “

Jaleya’s world, by Joël Saget, photographer for Agence France-Presse, based in Paris

“Emblematic photographer of Agence France-Presse (AFP), Joël Saget has drawn the portrait of all the outstanding personalities of our contemporary history. Here, he gives us with talent the stunning shot of the choreographer and dancer Nicolas Huchard who has collaborated in recent years with artists as illustrious as they are varied, from Madonna to Angèle passing Jean-Paul Gaultier. “

Portrait of a little Tibetan playing with welding goggles in Tibet, by François Lochon, French journalist reporter

“Portrait of a little Tibetan playing with welding goggles in Tibet”, 1980.

“With this photo, both simple and moving, François Lochon takes us away from it all by offering us a window on Tibet in the logic of the global village which is so dear to him. This vision goes against a desire to establish a dominant culture and highlights the richness of the heritage of humanity in its diversity. “