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The cryptocurrency market convulsed against the historic Bitcoin crash which led the digital currency to trade from $ 55,000 to $ 30,000. Today, the most famous crypto around US $ 39,000. The fall also shook other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, which has already risen by around 20% and is worth US $ 2,700.

Facing the fall, investors took refuge in USDT, a stablecoin that surpasses Bitcoin in trading volume. Precisely, USDT’s trading volume is US $ 100,000,000,000 and that of Bitcoin reaches US $ 45,000,000,000.

The top three cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

But, it is not a new crypto: was developed by the Tether company in 2014 and actually, it is positioned as the third cryptocurrency with the largest market capitalization.

What happened? Investors began to maneuver towards USDT cryptocurrency and this migration is known as “Tethered“. This word refers to when the people of the ecosystem They decide to protect themselves and take refuge from the volatility of Bitcoin in a stable cryptocurrency like the one created by Tether.

In other words, Investors keep their money in Tether to protect themselves from the volatility of the cryptocurrency market.

According to the creators of the stablecoin, USDT cryptocurrency seeks to bring all the benefits of decentralization, but without the volatility of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

In this context, the first characteristic of a stablecoin is that it is a cryptocurrency that always costs a dollar. That is, the dollar can go up or down but the price of the crypto will always be US $ 1.

Tether o USDT.

Unlike Bitcoin, a stablecoin is not volatile as it is paired one to one against the US dollar. For this reason, it acts as a store of value.

In Argentina, it is possible to buy USDT in pesos and dollarize the savings in various exchanges. Next, the list of the most used exchanges in the country by Argentines to acquire stable coins.


In principle, the best place to start is the exchanges. These companies generally offer the full procurement service. It is possible to buy, sell (in particular, trade) and store the acquired cryptocurrencies.

One of them is Binance, an exchange that works in Argentina and allows you to buy cryptocurrencies in Argentine pesos. Another widely used to buy stablecoins is Name, one of the exchanges with the highest market share of DAI, another stablecoin similar to USDT, in the country.

There are also other alternatives: Localbitcoins, a Finnish platform operated by Argentina that unites buyers and sellers of cryptocurrencies; Y Paxful, a crypto exchange that promises to do it “instantly”.

In the last place, some users turn to the alternative F2F or Face-to-Face (or face to face, in Spanish). This method is similar to the person-to-person (or peer-to-peer, in English) method that works on platforms like Binance. The difference is that the F2F exchange is done live face to face.

These transactions they are agreed between individuals through social networks for example or from any other means of communication. The advantage of this method is that it allows you to avoid the fees of intermediaries.

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Tether: the fashionable maneuver of investors to escape the decline of Bitcoin – Infotechnology.com

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