Tether, the latest addition of this national crypto giant that seeks to lead the market

SatoshiTango advances in its expansion plan that includes the incorporation of new digital currencies and the expansion of its service catalog

The cryptocurrencies they are already part of the day to day of the Argentines, who saw in these assets a shelter to preserve value of their savings in the face of an increasingly weaker peso and inflation that destroys the purchasing power of consumers.

More than two million accounts open to operate, local savers no longer only know what Bitcoin or Ethereum isInstead, other virtual currencies that registered important movements so far this year are encouraged.

In this sense, the exchange SatoshiTango announced the incorporation of seven new badges to your board during September, which can be acquire with different forms of payment, including Credit cards Y interest-free fees through a key alliance with Payment Market.

The news

As confirmed by the company to iProUP, in September they will add the possibility of operating with: Cardano (ADA), Binance Coin (BNB), Uniswap Coin (UNI), Dogecoin (DOGE), ChainLink (Link), Tether (USDT) y Stellar (XLM).

“To add new currencies to our platform, we rely on the capitalization of projects, as well as in the feedback of our users, which we receive from surveys and surveys we carry out. All the new crypto that we have added were from most demanded and valued for our community “, entrusts iProUP Matías Bari, CEO and co-founder of SatoshiTango.

In this way, says the executive, users will be able to use these assets to:

  • “Hold, that is, buy and aim for the long term so that the investment appreciates”
  • “Leverage through Margin Trading and have the possibility of increasing your investment up to five times
  • “Pay gifts cards, services and taxes”

Matías Bari, CEO and co-founder of SatoshiTango

In addition, Bari remarks that they have “planned to incorporate new tools and services so that holders can make your assets perform better or take out loans with their crypto as collateral. “

Tether comes to SatoshiTango

Of these, the first to be launched was Cardano, one of the rage cryptocurrencies of the moment, which managed to position itself as the third largest capitalization, according CoinMarketCap, followed by the famous “memcoin” DOGE.

Very close to ADA was Tether, la most demanded stablecoin of the market, which was able to occupy the podium for a long time and which attracts the attention of many analysts and investors around the world.

USDT is one of the best known stablecoins, both for the value it promotes and for the possibility of investing, but it is also usually the axis of controversy that it generates outside and within the crypto ecosystem.

One USDT it will always have a value equal to or close to one US dollar. Its name comes from the union of the dollar symbol with the letter T of Tether.


Tether, la stablecoin furor

However, Tether was created beyond that value and has an entire ecosystem behind it that allows it to evolve. However, despite these virtues, there are several aspects that raise doubts about value:

  • Inconsistency in your audits

  • Bank in Taiwan

  • Instant currency issues

  • A strongly suspicious anonymity

  • Unfavorable reports

  • Hugely bloated trading volumes tripling the coin capitalization

His creation

The creation of USDT began to take shape in 2014 with an idea from JR Willet, known in the world of cryptocurrencies as “The man who created ICOs”.

In 2014, Willet worked at Mastercoin, a blockchain that served as a communications protocol running on Bitcoin, which was quite a revolution for Bitcoin and opened the doors for new applications and features.

In the development of Mastercoin, they were Brock Pierce y Craig Sellars, who in the same year launched Realcoin through the use of the Omni Layer protocol. The appearance of Realcoin would be one of the biggest projects carried out on Omni at that time.

However, on November 20, 2014, the CEO de Tether, Reeve Collins, announced the name change, which was renamed Tether, as it is known today.

The intention behind Tether is that it can be used as “digital dollar” Since it is based on the United States dollar (USD), so the value of a Tether coin will also correspond to the exchange rate of one dollar.

Tether emerged in 2014

Tether emerged in 2014 from the hand of developer JR Willet

Advantages of using Tether

USDT has the advantages of cryptocurrencies: it does not set limits for its transfers and can be shipped anywhere in the world quickly and at a low cost per transaction. It is stable: this is because its value is tied to the value of the dollar.

It is possible to know its value at all times: being directly anchored to the dollar it is possible to know its real value at all times. If you want to Invest in Tether, it only requires a few simple steps:

  • The user deposits a certain amount of dollars in the bank account of the company Tether Limited
  • Tether Limited generates and credits USDT tokens to the user’s account. These are created in a 1: 1 ratio with respect to the deposit made
  • USDT funds are activated to be used like any cryptocurrency
  • To exchange your USDT tokens for US dollars, you must deposit them in the accounts of Tether Limited
  • Tether Limited destroys USDT tokens and sends fiat currency to user’s bank account
  • To handle the transactions you need a digital or physical wallet as with any other cryptocurrency.

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Tether, the latest addition of this national crypto giant that seeks to lead the market

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